24 days of coffee finale – Day #24 Cravings Cafe


When I saw there was a coffee stop called Cravings in East Perth, I thought it was only fitting that I review it 😉 I didn’t realise Cravings was only open weekdays from 7am – 3pm and I had hoped to get there over a weekend as I usually take a bus into the city for work. So with just a few days left of 24 days of coffee and a short week, I got up early Wednesday morning and went for a drive before work. Mind you, I had intended to do this on Tuesday but it was really good sleeping weather.

Cravings is located opposite the ABC Building and there were plenty of free street parking before 8pm. As I approached Cravings, I realised it was the old Aroma where burger boy and I used to have our chips & gravy back in the days when we both worked in East Perth.

Cravings in East Perth

Seeing as I had made special effort to get to Cravings, I was keen to order more than a coffee to go. I checked out their menu and noticed they had both breakfast and lunch options on offer including their version of the big breakfast “the big feed” which includes eggs, bacon, chipolatas, mushroom, tomato on sour dough toast ($19); pancakes with berry compote and maple syrup ($14.50); and raisin toast ($5.50) to name a few. Price-wise when compared to Toast which is on the waterfront end of East Perth, Cravings was more expensive with less atmosphere. Cravings lunch menu had a gourmet burger for $16.50, steak sandwich for $17 and BLT for $16 which like their breakfast is still on the more expensive side for a café. If I worked in East Perth for convenience and somewhere to enjoy a sit down meal, I’d probably pay it unless I felt like paying double & heading to The Royal.

After a good look at the menu, I ordered my usual latte and a passionfruit/peach muffin to go for $7.60. While I was waiting a couple of minutes for my coffee, Cravings regular business clientele rolled in, all of whom the staff knew by name. The service I received was just as warm although the staff did probably wonder if I was new to the area 😉

I sipped on my much needed latte which had more of a watery taste than milky and a bit stronger than my liking. It was drinkable but I prefer my lattes smoother.

Cravings - latte

I had my passionfruit and peach muffin when I got to work. My muffin was moist, dense and served cold. The passionfruit and peach flavour came through nicely but it was different to my usual fluffy warm muffin that I have from Lowdown Espresso.

Cravings passionfruit & peach muffin

The customer service was helpful and friendly, the coffee was probably not the best but Cravings Cafe is the coffee stop I’d make if I worked in the area.

Cravings Cafe on Urbanspoon

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