24 days of coffee – Day #8 Mini Espresso by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced


24 days of coffee Mini Espresso coffee review by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced

I ducked into the quaint and iconic London Court in the early afternoon to sample the offerings of Mini Espresso, and it indeed lives up to its name. Being a Terrace west-ender I don’t usually frequent this delightful thoroughfare between Hay and St George’s Terrace. I knew it was home to a couple of popular and favoured cafes which offers both locals and tourists the chance to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere of our version of The Big Smoke, but with much better weather. Alas, Mini Espresso was not where I thought it was and had to triple check the address as I carefully made my way down the London Court to just inside the Terrace entrance where I came across an unassuming but charming little burrow with the unmistakable sheen of an espresso machine inside.

Mini Espresso counter

The set up was simple; one person taking orders and managing food, one person on coffee. Before I had even ordered I knew this would be one of those gems that don’t bother with an upscale or themed fit out because they (and their customers) know they’re awesome at what they’re selling.

Whilst I waited for my small take away skinny cap ($3.80), I observed that this place probably wasn’t in competition with the more touristy cafes a bit further up the court. It appeared to be catering less for the folk who wanted to sit down and enjoy a leisurely coffee and more for business regulars who knew they could pick up a quick, reliable and tasty latte and toasted sandwich on their way back to the office.

I was excited when I saw my cap, as I appreciate when they embellish a little on the chocolate – I don’t understand why some places only sprinkle it across half, I was happy that Mini Espresso had given me a generous serve. The flavour didn’t disappoint either, it was a near perfect temperature – I like my coffee hot – and filled to the top. I didn’t taste one hint of bitterness in either the bean or the milk, despite it being quite hot. I originally thought that $3.80 for a small coffee was a bit on the steep side even for Perth prices, but I would be more than happy to pay $3.80 if I knew I was guaranteed a good drop.


It’s a shame Mini Espresso isn’t a bit closer to my work as I would definitely be a converted regular, both the coffee and service were nearly faultless and I can see why the locals keep coming back.

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  1. Ooh, I'll have to check them out some time. They're a bit of a trek from my work too, but I like to wander London Court every now and again.
  2. Sweetly Spiced on
    You definitely should Josie, just don't blink or you'll miss this little place. If you're coming from the Terrace its about the second or third shop up on the right. Enjoy! :)

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