24 days of coffee – Day #14 Rosso Espresso by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced


24 days of coffee Rosso Espresso by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced

I had heard of Rosso Espresso, however never knew exactly where it was until I hunted it down and found it tucked behind a corner of the Central Park building foyer, or at the back of the Central Park ‘park’ area – depending on which way you are coming from. This address has recently enjoyed the attention of a few swish eateries and the opening of Grand Bar. However, I had not heard of Rosso Espresso being located within the building and would place a safe bet that aside from commuters passing through that thoroughfare or those that work in Central Park it would be easy to not know existed.

Looking into Rosso Espresso

My mid-afternoon visit meant that I had missed the morning and lunch time rush hour, which was unfortunate because I think a crowd would add a lot to the atmosphere. As Rosso is an open-plan styled cafe within a foyer it would be difficult to create a fun space with a good vibe. However, I can recall a few cafes that managed to hands down beat this with amazing coffee so I vowed I wouldn’t be prejudice against Rosso’s location and surrounds.

Rosso Espresso foyer

Rosso Espresso counter

I ordered a skinny latte which is different to my usual cappuccino. My skinny latte came out swiftly due to me being the only customer at the counter. On first glance I was pleased to see it looked creamy and frothy – how a latte should look. Looks were a little deceiving as it had a bitter aftertaste and was a bit sharper than the smoother blends I prefer.

Rosso Espresso latte

As I like my coffee extra hot I have a habit of always ordering it in a take away cup, even if I’m dining in. The ability to put a lid on means I can enjoy my coffee for longer without getting halfway through and having to quickly finish the rest before it goes cold. On this day, although I had ordered a take away I had the time to sit down if I wanted to, however I chose to enjoy it on a leisurely stroll along the Terrace back to the office as this isn’t a café where you would ‘sit and watch the world go by’.

If I worked in Central Park or the adjacent buildings I would probably make this my usual haunt due to convenience and the coffee is ok (especially in winter as one wouldn’t even need to step outside). They also sell yummy looking cakes and muffins and crowd pleasing lunchtime fare that would certainly satisfy a person on the go.

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