24 days of coffee – Day #15 Secret Garden by guest blogger Frosty


24 days of coffee Secret Garden review by guest blogger Frosty

The name says it all doesn’t it. The Secret Garden Café is a secret no more, but it’s the sort of place that if you came across it without knowing it was there, you could be excused for thinking you’ve stumbled into a hidden world. Like in the movies when someone leans against a manicured garden hedge and falls straight through to the other side to find themselves in the unknown.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is an enigmatic restaurant/cafe at the heart of Wolf Lane, one of Perth’s more ‘melbournistic’ laneways. I will admit, I have a soft spot for Wolf Lane, with it’s offering of pubs and cafes providing my west-CBD colleagues and I with alcoholic relief and caffeinated sustenance on a regular basis.

Secret Garden

The secret was certainly out when I stopped by mid-morning, with an eclectic mix of hipsters, white collars and the rest wandering this rustic backstreet. One of Secret Garden’s most valuable assets is the cool micro-climate afforded to it as a result of being surrounded on all sides by relatively tall buildings. This café benefits from a cool temperature almost year round, making it the perfect place to grab a coffee when the unforgiving Perth summer threatens to cause other less fortunate coffee shops to spontaneously combust.

On ordering my coffee, the barista informed me that ‘they usually use three shots in a long black’, followed by ‘is that ok?’. Brilliant. This was simple customer service that a lot of Perth café’s could learn from and emulate.

Secret Garden

While waiting, I sat and enjoyed the artwork-adorned brick walls, the colourful outdoor chairs and, of course, the cool temperature. Most of all, however, I enjoyed listening to the banter and laughs shared by the barista and the wait staff while my coffee was being made. These were clearly people who love coffee and love working where they work.

My long black was a cracker. Strong (see photo; the barista did not assault it with a litre of scalding hot water), smooth and a fresh lingering aftertaste.

Secret Garden

So, since its one of Perth’s worst kept secrets, get yourself down to the Secret Garden, grab a coffee and escape the heat!

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