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I don’t usually go for the healthy options when dining out but when I asked what you’d like featured on foodie cravings in 2016, healthy Perth cafes came up more than once so good thing my new intern Alaine is the opposite to me! Here’s her debut foodie cravings post about the new Health Freak Cafe in Mount Lawley. Located at the entrance to Beaux Lane you can’t miss it on Beaufort Street and it’s always buzzing with people.

I’ve just started an internship with foodie cravings and I am loving the experience so far. Besides learning about blogging and social media, there’s great perks that come with it. My weekly catch-ups with Michelle (the blogger behind foodie cravings) take place at a different café each time. Although Michelle clearly loves her coffee – evident from foodie cravings many coffee reviews – I have never been a big coffee drinker myself. So I’m always looking for new cafes that offers nice juices (preferably fresh). My mum can be credited for my love of all things gourmet and that are made using fresh produce.

I have been to cafes and restaurants before that offer ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’ meals and drinks to their customers, but most either lack in one or both of those areas – never seeming to find a balance between the two. Choosing to go to the Health Freak Café for our meeting, I was pleasantly surprised by what the menu had to offer as there were many original food items that were inclusive to all; vegan, paleo, and dairy and gluten free options were all available.

Michelle ordered the Super Energy Smoothie ($10) which had spinach, apple, watermelon, coconut water, blueberries and chia. She initially wasn’t sure about paying $10 for a smoothie or the spinach but judging by the empty glass and smile on her face, I think she liked it.

I ordered the Heartbeet Juice ($8) which was a combination of carrot, orange, apple, beetroot and lemon. Let me tell you it was full of flavour! After going to past cafes that have either sold bottled juice that cost as much as this freshly pressed juice or offered none at all, I was thrilled that Health Freak Café had a full juice menu.

Health Freak Cafe

Although we only ordered beverages, the meals that were being brought out to other customers looked tempting and I may have even had to stop myself from drooling over the Protein Chicken and Avocado Burger and Raw Pad Thai that was delivered to the table next to us.

While the menu options are delicious, they are on the higher price side of things compared to other Perth cafes. I think this can be put down to them using expensive ingredients and providing you with filling portion sizes. I am happy that a Health Freak Café has opened up in Mount Lawley as I will definitely be visiting again. If you are a fan of fresh acai bowls ($11.95), cocowhip (from $7), healthy tapas (from $4 – $17), protein burgers (around $15/$16) and all things healthy then I would recommend you take a walk down Beaufort Street and try it out for yourself.

If you are big on juices you may be interested in reading foodie cravings review of pure glow cleanse – a juice detox program that Michelle’s mum did on behalf of her whilst she was pregnant.

Please note: Health Freak Cafe prices and menu items featured on this post are correct as at 22/2/16 



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I am the new intern and growing up in a family that values healthy food has led to me acquiring a love for anything that uses fresh produce and natural ingredients. I love experimenting with food and trying different cuisines.


  1. Congrats on your first foodie cravings post Alaine! I'm keen to try this place soon especially given how close it is to me. It's pretty hard to escape paying anything less than $8-$10 for a juice or smoothie it seems...
    • Thanks Krys :) It's definitely worth giving them a visit! I agree it is always so expensive so you may as well pay for the more fresher and satisfying drinks than the ones that come straight out of the bottle for the same price.

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