24 days of coffee: Day #2 Basilica by guest blogger, Sweetly Spiced


Basilica 24 days of coffee review by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced

Like many daytime Terrace dwellers, a daily coffee hit is as regular and required as brushing your teeth: after awhile the thought of the activity disappears and it becomes second nature, at a certain time of day, to pound the pavement in search of the perfect drop. Like most, I have my firmly established favourites whom I visit and have built up the friendly ‘first-name-basis’ rapport with the baristas and staff. However, I cannot help but immerse myself in the currently trending ‘Melbournisation’ of Perth which has resulted in myriad coffee choices for the white-collar CBD inhabitants.

Unless you have (somehow) failed to notice the evolution, you would be aware or familiar with the well-publicized Brookfield Place. Taking arguably centre stage of this fine establishment is Basilica, who has the arduous task of soothing the caffeine withdrawals of Esplanade train and bus station commuters and those occupying this building. And they seem to be handling the job just fine.


We visited on a sunny mid-morning Friday and instantly noticed the noise and buzz of the 80% packed café that was well masked as soon as you stepped outside. The interior is sleek and new and is fitting for its location, a big blackboard and glass display cabinet letting customers know that they also cater for the savvy lunch crowd, and plenty of well-trained staff on hand to ensure a minimal wait time.

We ordered our coffees and one of us couldn’t resist the temptation of the macarons in the window. We are both macaron fiends and we think the splash of colour reflected our mood that it was Friday.

We didn’t anticipate Basilica’s coffee to be any less fantastic than its vibe, and so were a little disappointed when it fell short of the mark. Between us we had ordered a long macchiato topped up in a small take away cup ($4.00) and a latte in a large mug ($4.80). We both remarked that it could definitely have been hotter, however feel free to take this as a passing comment as we both prefer ours piping hot  in temperature. We identified that they must use a strong type of bean, as the flavour was deep and rich.

Despite allowing for this we still sensed a slight bitter and burnt aftertaste, which we assumed came from the beans since the milk was not particularly hot.

Although it did not make us feel as if we had stumbled upon our new regular haunt, what Basilica lacked in their just-average coffee they made up for in the buzzing business folk, short wait time and general ambience of Perth’s hottest venue.

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