24 days of coffee – Day #6 Cafe Cafe by guest blogger tastebuddy


24 days of coffee Cafe Cafe coffee review by guest blogger tastebuddy

I’ll admit I’m fussy when it comes to my coffee. My tastebuds have been ‘burnt’ (literally and metaphorically) during my search for new places to have coffee. So, when foodie cravings asked me to be a part of her 24 days of coffee Eat Drink Perth feature, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

Café Café in Subiaco was buzzing with patrons who were there to catch up with friends, chill out with a newspaper or have a cuppa before going to the Subiaco Station Market for their fruit and veg shopping. I was waiting for the aroma of coffee to draw me to the ordering counter, but it was lacking. I could only hear the coffee machine hard at work.

As I walked up to the counter to put in my regular coffee order, skinny long macchiato, topped up; I spotted a commercial bean grinder next to coffee machine with one specific person making the coffee, always a good sign. Illy (Arabica) is the type of coffee brand served, which I have experienced before but am not a big fan of.

The ambience of the internal café was fairly average; the furniture settings & interior designs didn’t provide the cosy atmosphere I prefer. The outdoor setting however is much more welcoming, with big umbrellas and benches next to flowerbeds.

My coffee arrived in a glass wrapped with a serviette. Two thoughts flashed through my mind: thanks for thinking of my fingers while holding a hot beverage, and ‘uh oh’ is it going to be too hot for my mouth to handle? I was happy to say my coffee was served at the perfect temperature which looked darker than my regular weekday coffee. It had a slight bitter taste, but gave me a “strong kick” for my Sunday morning for sure.

I must admit, I did miss seeing the coffee art which I’ve become accustomed to at other cafes. I don’t expect a complicated or elaborate design, but a simple decoration does perk up my excitement and my pre-conceived perception of my coffee before taking a sip.

The customer service was alright but a friendly smile from the counter staff would have made my experience warmer.  All in all, Cafe Cafe provided me with just an average $4 weekend caffeine booster.

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