24 days of coffee – Day #4 Little Willys by guest blogger Mahara


Little Willys 24 days of coffee review by guest blogger Mahara

Little Willys is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tiny cafe on William Street in Northbridge. Looking in from the street, the first thing you notice is the mismatched furniture. The recycled wooden bench seats propped up by milk crates on one side and diner styled booths to the other. There’s also some unusual hand drawn artwork on the walls. The staff are young, friendly and ubercool which matches the decor. The combination of the funky décor and staff gives Little Willy’s some hipster cred and the place seems to draw in a wide range of people from the arty, hip crowd to corporates having lunch meetings.

Little Willys

When I popped in for a skinny flat white after work, I found the place to be fairly busy, however a cheerful waitress served me quickly and my coffee arrived within a minute. To dine-in, the coffee was $3.80, which for a Perth coffee, I think is good value for money.

When my coffee arrived, it looked like my perfect skinny flat white; not too heavy on the froth and a nice caramel colour. An indication my flat white wasn’t too strong which is my personal preference.

Little Willys coffee

I find that sometimes a coffee that has been made with skim or low fat milk can have a slightly watery taste compared to a coffee that has been made with full cream milk. My flat white at Little Willys definitely had the creamy flavour that I love and although it did have a slight burnt aftertaste, it disappeared after a few sips. Overall, I found that Little Willys made a good quality coffee with friendly, prompt service and at a reasonable price. I will be back!

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