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24 days of coffee Cafe Vinyl review 

Working in the city, coffee is a set routine – about to start a report, go get coffee; need to focus, go get coffee; or in my case majority of the time it’s just to wake me up first thing in the morning – so with so many coffee drinking occasions to be had, I do have many favourites; Café Vinyl is in my top 3.

On the way to Cafe Vinyl, a cyclist cycled past me with a Café Vinyl coffee in his hand and it was only then that I started to notice all the differing coffee cups and sizes across all our Eat Drink Perth coffee stops.

Café Vinyl charge $4 for their medium and $5 for their large which to me is really an extra large when comparing it to other coffee joints in the city. So knowing this, I happily handed over my $4 for a medium instead of the usual $3.50 I pay for a large at Lowdown Espresso.

It was Friday around mid-morning and there were plenty of city workers looking for their coffee fix. It was really hard to find where the line to order started and work out whether people had ordered or were just waiting for their coffees. I felt kind of bad standing in one spot and hoped I hadn’t skipped the queue…


Usually when I go to Café Vinyl, I check out their muffin range ($4 for a whole muffin) and think how cute the bite sized muffin samples ($1) are…

Spinach & feta muffin

There were white choc and raspberry muffins, spinach & feta muffins, banana bread amongst other treats.

Cafe Vinyl food counter

After ordering my latte, a flat white and a couple of the bite sized spinach and feta savory muffins, I sat by the stools and discretely took photos whilst observing my surroundings. I noticed that only the regular customers had their orders called out by their name, every other time was by the coffee order which seemed to work. But I know there’s been times when I’ve been day dreaming (or still asleep) and my coffee order is called out a few times before I realise it’s mine.

This was my view whilst waiting…

My view at Cafe Vinyl

I don’t think I’ve ever paid this much attention to Café Vinyl whilst waiting for coffee, usually I’m tweeting away or facebooking to pass time 🙂 I waited under 10 minutes for my coffees, was offered a tray when I spilt a bit and the Café Vinyl team did point out which was the latte and which was the flat white. Walking 2 minutes down the road and I had forgotten what was what when I reached my office. The coffees weren’t labelled, so I had to remove the lids to try see which coffee had the least froth to determine which was which…

My Cafe Vinyl latte

It wasn’t too much of a drama and I enjoyed my smooth Vinyl latte made with Cafe Vinyl’s own custom coffee blend. I also enjoyed my bite sized spinach and feta muffins which were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside (despite not looking soft). The feta flavour came through beautifully and it wasn’t too overpowering.

Café Vinyl is a really hip coffee joint located on Hay Street just under the old 78 Records in the city. I love the records featured on their counter, cool beats, casual setting and friendly service. It’s amazing how much coffee can pump out of this small coffee counter!

Love the records featured at Cafe Vinyl!

Cafe Vinyl on Urbanspoon

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