24 days of coffee – Day #9 Essence of Coffee Pier Street by guest blogger Frank


24 days of coffee Essence of Coffee Pier Street review by guest blogger Frank

My usual morning coffee stops are generally within a 2-minute walk of my office on the west side of town so a brisk 10-minute walk to get a morning coffee on the other side of town is a big call.

Essence of Coffee, located on Pier Street, was a pleasant surprise. The cool décor, comfy couches and buzzing crowd made for a great atmosphere. We were greeted by a sign stating that it was the Best Coffee in Perth 2012 as voted by perthnow.com.au which got us excited.

We ordered our usual coffees, flat white $4 and a Piccolo $4 for my friend. The price was around what we expected to pay and we both thought the breakfast menu looked good. We spotted amongst other things a Big Breakfast $14 and Granola with yoghurt and berries for $8, which we thought were good value for money.

The coffees were served with a smile and without much of a wait. The coffee itself was a bit bitter for my liking as I prefer my flat white to be a little smoother, but I did still enjoy it and it was nice to see the other side of town.

Frank’s coffee rating: 7/10

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