A quality Mexican feed at El Compa


Northbridge used to be my go-to destination for Chinese banquets, dim sum and bubble tea but never for Mexican food, drinks or anything else, that is until recently. Nowadays, I’m finding myself in Northbridge at least twice a week 🙂 The other week (like almost every other week), I ate and drank through Northbridge with some old colleagues, starting with drinks at Ezra Pound followed by a Mexican feed at Casa Mexicana – El Compa.

There’s just something about drinking cider out of a jam jar. Maybe it’s just the novelty but it tastes better and makes me want more!

There were plenty of food options in Northbridge. We were deciding between flipside burgers & more drinks at Mechanics InstituteS&T Thai Gourmet Cafe on William Street; or Mexican at El Compa.

We decided on El Compa and managed to get a table for 5 without booking within minutes despite it being quite packed.

El Compa seating

I had been to El Compa for a Perth Yelpers outing so I knew it had authentic, value for money, quality Mexican food and a casual vibe.

The corn chips and guacamole were so good – we had a few serves of the corn chips! The guacamole had a beautiful creamy texture.

Corn chips, guacamole, salsa

We each had tacos and my slow cooked pork taco was as good as my first El Compa visit. I love consistency.

Carnitas taco

These chorizo and chicken quesadillas were addictive…


Not to forget the yummy cocktails – I had a couple of pina coladas which were all sweet & creamy.

Pina Colada

When burger boy got into the city, he felt like a few drinks so I continued to make my way through Northbridge 😉 We went to Mechanics Inc for drinks and shared chunky chips sent up from flipside burgers before making our way home.

What better way to get right into the Eat Drink Perth festivities than eating and drinking through Northbridge!

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