24 days of coffee – Day #22 Pony Express O by guest blogger tastebuddy


24 days of coffee Pony Express O review by guest blogger tastebuddy

Pony Express O is tucked away from the main street. You are unlikely to know this coffee stop existed unless you happen to accidently walk pass Mayfair Street or hear about Pony Express O through friends working/living in West Perth.

As I approached Pony Express O, I could smell a strong coffee aroma, the feeling was like unwrapping a present. Without knowing where the entrance was, I kept walking along the alleyway to look for signage telling me I have arrived at my coffee stop. If you are in the area and looking for Pony Express O, the most obvious landmark is the building on the right which features a giant kangaroo and emu.

As I walked down the steps, the coffee aroma got stronger. On entry, the owner greeted me instantly even though he was busy preparing coffee for waiting customers, I was impressed with this level of customer service.

I had my usual order, a long macchiato topped up. When I have my coffee at a cafe, I like seeing the different coffee layers. My long macchiato arrived in a non-transparent cup so I didn’t get to check out my layers on this occasion 🙂

Pony Express O use a Crema Gourmet Coffee Roaster beans. I haven’t tried this coffee blend before and was pleasantly surprised. It had a strong flavour but was still smooth to drink – it was “coffeelicious”! My dine-in coffee cost $4.50, which I think is a bit on the pricey side when compared to other espresso bars a short 150m walk away.

I really like that Pony Express O welcome you to bring your own favourite lunch and enjoy it there. That is, of course if you order something to drink as they don’t serve food apart from a few cookies.

Pony Express O has interesting interior decorations and judging from my observation, it is pet friendly too. I will definitely go back next time when I’m in the neighbourhood.

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