24 days of coffee – Day #23 Howard Street Coffee by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced


24 days of coffee Howard Street Coffee review by guest blogger Sweetly Spiced

The only time I venture down this Terrace side street where Howard Street Coffee is located is enroute to either of the deliciously dark and popular small bar duo; Andaluz and Helvetica. Both of these are usually frequented by the suits of Perth, whom I usually categorise as being of the legal, mining or finance profession.

I have a soft spot for unassuming, small, cosy cafes. As such, I was hopeful and rather pleased when I descended into a dark, small space with a few wooden tables and half a dozen punters waiting for their order. I was quick to place my order and then took a seat to wait and surveyed the room. It was a simple, hole-in-the-wall cafe that you very likely would only know about by word of mouth.

My skinny cappuccino came out quickly and with a decent amount of chocolate sprinkled on it. I must confess that I was in a rush that day and clearly needed a caffeine hit, as I had completely forgotten to grab my phone off my desk in order to take the all the important snaps to accompany my review. So I am unable to show what my order actually looked like (although I’m sure the majority of followers of 24 days of coffee are avid coffee fans and can clearly envisage a cappuccino without my assistance). It was also a great temperature, keeping nice and hot all the way back to the office.

On first sip I could instantly tell Howard Street Coffee used quite a strong blend of beans, which I was not accustomed to. My colleagues and myself often discuss types of coffee beans and different roasts, so I am the first to admit that it is entirely a personal preference and what works for one person may not work for another. As I generally prefer smoother blend to the type I had purchased from Howard Street, a strong coffee aftertaste lingered for longer than I would have liked. Despite being strong, I give the barista points for not burning the brew in any way, which is an all too common mistake. I suggest all those who like a strong bean to check out Howard Street Coffee as I think they would very much enjoy what they offer.

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