24 days of coffee – Day #19 Bucket Cafe


Bucket Cafe is my go-to cafe when I’m craving quiche during the working week (lunch review here). I’ve had Bucket Cafe’s coffee a couple of times and it’s a bit stronger than my liking. It’s been awhile since I had Bucket’s coffee so I thought what better opportunity than 24 days of coffee to give it another go.

Bucket Cafe

Bucket Café is tucked away in Arcade 800 on Hay Street. Today the rain made it a bit tough to order my coffee which I desperately needed. The cashier was facing Wolf Lane which meant I had to go out the arcade and back through the back door to get in line to order. Once I got in line, ordering was quick and easy with EFTPOS and paypass facilities available. Although a bit uncomfortable as it was a tight ordering space and it was hard to work out who was in line; it also didn’t help that the ladies behind me were super keen to get inside / away from the rain. The muffins, macarons and fruit salad on offer looked like great breakfast options but I had a yoghurt waiting for me back at the office.

Bucket Cafe

I ordered a regular latte and a flat white to take-away for $4.20 each. While I was waiting I noticed the coffee board indicated that their small have a single shot, regular (which looks like a large when compared to other Perth CBD coffee stops) has two shots and the large $5.50 has triple shots. Coffee to dine in was $3.70 which I thought was good value. There were two coffee bean options on offer – The Bucket Blend and Threshold which was the special bean of the month. I didn’t jot it down but from memory this special blend was an extra $0.70.

About 7 minutes to the minute as quoted to another customer, my name was called. It caught me by surprise as I hadn’t given my name – the staff serving me had taken note of the name on my credit card 🙂 impressed.

I didn’t notice until I got back to the office that my take-away latte cup had a mini hole down the bottom – good thing I had my latte stacked on top of the flat white as this stopped it from dripping the whole way back to the office.

Bucket Cafe latte

My coffee was stronger than I would like and as I had expected. I prefer a smoother milkier coffee so I may try the small size with a single shot next time.

I love having lunch at Bucket Cafe and I’m keen to try their breakfast but I’ll stick with coffee from my fav baristas at Lowdown Espresso, Velvet and Cafe Vinyl.

Finishing note…how cool is Bucket’s tip bucket?

Bucket Cafe - nice size tip bucket!

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  1. Really liking your 24 days of reviews. I know its limited to Perth Cbd, but had a great coffee the other day at Pimlott and Strand in North Perth. Little out of CBD but really good

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