Cranking the barbecue and slow cooker for Christmas


This year my family has decided to keep Christmas simple so we can spend more time relaxing and catching up.

Normally my brother and his fiancé little miss bacon cook up a storm but they always end up spending most of Christmas in the kitchen. So this year we’re thinking a barbecue and some of our combined signature dishes will do.

I’m leaning towards something light (if that is at all possible for my family) as we would have all had massive feasts & full tummies from Christmas lunch at the in-laws. Check out my photo gallery at the bottom of the post and you’ll know what I mean.

This is what I’m thinking of bringing to my family Christmas dinner:

To cook on the barbecue as inspired by Ziegler and Brown

• Garlic prawn and satay chicken skewers
• Barbecue sausages and steaks from my local Meat the Butcher

Pre-made the night prior

• Pulled pork in my trusty slow cooker (the link to the recipe is featured on my In the Kitchen page)
• Either a cheesecake or ice cream cake

We did consider going out for a Chinese banquet for something completely different this year but decided we would each make a few dishes each so we could still have a relaxing Christmas dinner in the comfort of my parent’s place.

What will you be doing for Christmas? Are you staying in or heading out?

Below are some pics from our 2011 Christmas feast, every year since then has been pretty similar in quantity 🙂

This Christmas post is in collaboration with Ziegler and Brown, see foodie cravings disclosure policy for more details.


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