New burgers & renos at Jus Burgers


Having our own small business, it’s absolutely inspiring to meet those who are leading the WA food industry and constantly reinventing their business to meet the changing Perth trends/taste buds.

Last month, besides enjoying Jus Burgers new diner style burgers, burger boy and I had the pleasure to meet Justin Bell, the entrepreneur and chef behind Jus Burgers, Pinchos and Snags & Sons Catering.


I love hearing about how small businesses start and the journey as it grows. Justin tells us he was working as a chef in Hong Kong for 5 years and in that time had saw that burgers were taking off so he decided to bring the burger fad to Perth 6 years ago. Although burgers were a fad at the time, Justin believes it is here to stay and it has certainly become a staple part of burger boy’s diet.

Jus Burgers was also one of the first businesses to sign up to WA’s Buy West Eat Best Program – the guys behind the WA Signature Dish which I was in involved in earlier this year. Justin Bell sources ingredients locally from Western Australian farmers and growers, and his chefs cooks them fresh at their burger joints daily.

burger boy and I were invited by Justin to try his four new diner style burgers and sliders which were all served in charred Jean Pierre Sancho brioche buns…


The Classic Americano slider which had a Wagyu patty, pickles, mustard, ketchup & American Kraft cheese was my favourite. Sometimes I find that the simple combinations work the best.

The BBQ Pulled Pork slider which had chipotle, cheese, balsamic onions and Spanish slaw was my second favourite. The flavour was more intense than Crust’s Upper Crust Pulled Pork Pizza but not as intense as my home made slow cooked pulled pork.

The Shark bay prawn surprisingly had authentic Asian flavours which I was impressed by and I didn’t try the South East Asian, homemade paste w/ coconut & lime dressing & ‘crispies as for some odd reason chicken didn’t agree with me during my pregnancy.

Justin has also given his burger bars a refresh with his flagship Leederville Jus Burgers taking the lead and Subiaco and Fremantle stores renos in the pipeline…



I love the new Jus Burgers space and the new burgers/sliders are well worth a try.

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  1. Hi do you have an address for this place? :) Heading to Perth this month and would like to check it out!
  2. Hi Michelle, As a new food blogger I really enjoyed the element in your blog that explores the story behind not just the stores you visited but the people that make it the store it is. This is clearly evident in this though Justin’s journey from Hong Kong to now settling in Perth with his ventures in multiple businesses including Jus Burgers. The idea of incorporating a side story of how the store and key figures come about certainly adds something to the blogs story and is something I’m keen to explore in my blog of PerthsPerfectPubFeeds. I was just wondering firstly how willing people within the venues were in opening up their story to you? Secondly how did you go about asking them, in the sense of whether it was more of a formal interview or whether you strolled across to the kitchen and had a bit of a yarn with Julian while he was flipping the chicken for burgeboys “taxi cab” burger? Thanks, Connor
    • Thanks Connor, I find stories behind businesses interesting being a small business owner myself. Most of my interviews are organised in advanced, owners are more than happy to chat when they are not busy running their business. Some of my interview questions are also sent via email so that they can be answered at a time that's convenient. Cheers for the comment and all the best with your blog, Michelle

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