foodie cravings in the kitchen – cooking basics

When you don’t cook often, I find it helps to have easy cooking tips to refer back to until it’s habitual. This page is my Kitchen 101 cheat sheet 🙂

For those of you who are amazing home cooks, please share your favourite cooking tips by leaving a comment. I will add more tips to this page as I’m cooking in my kitchen.

Cooking basics I find handy:

ASPARAGUS – keeping Asparagus fresh – I learnt at Edgecombe Brothers Asparagus Masterclass to keep asparagus fresh you just keep them standing up in water in the fridge.

BROWNIES – making brownies from scratch was easier than I thought, I came up with my own Coffee infused Brownie which I served with a home made raspberry sauce recently, the base recipe I followed was Donna Hay’s chocolate brownie recipe.  Prior to my first attempt at recipe development, I used Donna Hay’s Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix – it was so good all my friends & family thought I made it from scratch.


EGGS – hard boiling & peeling Eggs – I usually use the cold water to boiling method featured on this wikiHow how to boil eggs article

GARLIC – I learnt how to Mince Garlic quickly in this Canadian Living video. Although now I just use my thermomix!

MANGO PUDDING – I could not find a mango pudding that replicated my childhood mango pudding so my mum came up with her own mango pudding recipe. She was stoked it made it into Beaufort Street Festival’s 2013 Recipes & Ramblings Cookbook

my mum's mango pudding

PANCAKES – I was craving pancakes 5am one morning and didn’t have any eggs. I found a recipe for the most fluffiest Pancakes recipe that didn’t require eggs randomly on a blog called Rak’s Kitchen, it was easy, soft & fluffy as described. Will be a regular in my kitchen!

POTATOES – I always forget how long to cook potatoes for potato salad, I was refer back to Maureen Abood’s How to cook potatoes perfect for salad post and my potatoes always turn out perfect 🙂

PULLED PORK – I am known for my slow cooked pulled pork because of this Good Housing Keeping Pulled Pork recipe, I just add a teaspoon of tabasco sauce to it