All you can eat Saturday at Jaws Sushi


My family absolutely loves buffets and all you can eat restaurants. Sizzlers and Miss Mauds form many of my childhood food memories and it is thanks to my family for this early food training, that I love a good portion when dining out.

This appreciation for good portions and value for money continues to this day. Last month on a Saturday night, we headed to Jaws Sushi Town Hall for their all you can eat night. My brother and his fiancé little miss bacon were in line from 5pm and had locked in our spot in the queue by paying for dinner upfront ($35 per person).

I don’t usually like to wait for my food but I’m glad we did as it was well worth it. We got in at 6:30pm and within the first 5 minutes of being seated we got through 12 plates…


My favourite was the fried chicken, it’s one of the best I’ve had – it didn’t leave me bloated even after eating three pieces. This was just the first of many fried chicken plates we had…


The salmon ‘aburi’ aka blow torched sushi was also pretty amazing, the smoky flavours from the sauce really came through and the salmon was super fresh…


Half way through dinner, we were offered fresh slices of watermelon which were great palate cleansers. I love it when restaurants go above and beyond! This slice of watermelon gave me the same sense of excitement as when I’m offered complimentary bread at a restaurant – these days not much is free!


These were some of the other plates we put away…

No dinner is complete without dessert. As part of the All You Can Eat offer, we ordered this Crème brûlée which is limited to one per person…


I managed to squeeze the creme brûlée in before going back to eat more sushi 🙂 We worked out that we had 12 plates each between the four of us in under 40 minutes!

What I loved about Jaws Sushi is that I didn’t feel rushed to eat as quick as possible and the quality and variety of sushi on offer was as good as any other night. For $35 per person Jaws All You Can Eat Saturday was great value for money and the service was brilliant. I’d recommend it to anyone, it is worth the wait. Make sure you get there as early as possible.. the Jaws All You Can Eat is so popular there are dedicated people lining up before the opening time to secure a spot!

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  1. Wow that's pretty decent sized sushi there. Almost Japan sized! Sushi here has shrunk over the years, I can eat 10 plates here and be hungry and eat 5 plates in Japan and be stuffed.

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