Cooking more with my cookbooks – first up Jamie’s Comfort Food!


My cookbook collection has grown over the years with most sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. I tend to google just before cooking with the intention of saving time, but it doesn’t always work out that way. So one of my many 2015 New Years Foodie Resolutions is to start cooking more recipes from my cookbooks.

I’m a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, so I was pretty excited to receive Jamie’s Comfort Food cookbook ($29.50) from Bookworld over Christmas. I love the way Jamie Oliver cooks and writes his recipes, they are easy to follow and his suggested substitutes makes any recipe adaptable to my pantry.


Mum and I cooked up the Black Cod recipe together on Friday night. It was a great help having mum read the recipe as I cooked and a great chance to bond whilst junior burger slept. Our different recipe reading styles came in handy too – I tend to skim recipes (which means I don’t dawdle in the kitchen) whereas my mum reads the full recipe first and then follows it line by line whilst cooking (she misses nothing!).

The Black Cod is a really simple and tasty recipe that can be applied to chicken, beef and any other fish/meat – we used salmon. All we did was cook up the sauce in a saucepan which took all of 10 minutes, waited for it to cool then marinated the salmon overnight which we then cooked up the next day.


I was pretty stoked that my salmon tasted just as good as any Japanese restaurant…


I’m used to cooking from Jamie’s 15 and 30-minute cookbooks so Jamie’s Comfort Food cookbook does take a bit more effort, but the end results are well worth it.

Next on my to cook list from Jamie’s Comfort Food cookbook are…

  • The Molten Cheesecake – I was sold when I read “covered in molten marshmallows”
  • Devil’s Double Choc Malt Cookies – burger boy dips choc chip cookies in his coffee every morning, so I’ll have to make this one for him. I am going to follow Jamie’s suggestion and turn some into ice cream sandwiches too.
  • Insanity Burger – I’ve been told that this is a must make for burger boy – check out fellow food blogger Gusface Grillah’s review about this burger. burger boy is hanging out for me to make this one for him!
  • Overnight Roasted Pork Shoulder – I crave roast meats and gravy all the time. Since cooking my first roast after reading Sophie Zalokar’s Food of the Southern Forests cookbook, I’ve been roasting fortnightly.

I also tried out Jamie’s British Meatballs recipe earlier in the week, but they weren’t tender enough for my liking. It wasn’t a complicated recipe so not all is lost! I also got to practice a few functions on my newish Thermomix which has started to collect dust a bit in the kitchen – I minced my own beef and made my own bread crumbs 🙂

On a side note, 5 years ago when I was in New York, I declined a piece of steak Jamie Oliver had cooked up for us on the Good Morning America set (below). At the time, I couldn’t eat steak that wasn’t well-done and Jamie’s was more on the medium-rare side. I still can’t believe I didn’t try it… I’d go as far as saying I would so eat anything Jamie Oliver cooks up if I was to ever meet him again!


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