An afternoon out in Maylands – Mrs S, Smoults & Sosi


Since junior burger joined our family when deciding on where to dine – space for a pram & fast food service have become musts. Sometimes however we don’t have the luxury of time to think about where to eat and we just “wing it” in hope that it’s baby friendly. That’s exactly what happened last month. I was put on the spot by burger boy on where to go for lunch with a crying junior burger in the car, my foodie mind naturally went blank and I just blurted out Maylands which was a 10 minutes drive from where we were. I later realised I had read Perth Kidz facebook post about Maylands earlier that morning 🙂

I was happy with my on the spot decision as it was home to Mrs S (their manwiches are featured in my October / November Top 5 Perth Eats), Smoults and SoSi (a cute boutique for babies and children).

I was happy that there was enough space in Mrs S to manoeuvre junior burger’s pram and my much needed caffeine fix arrived within 5 minutes. Our lattes were just the way I like it – smooth, creamy and mid strength…


burger boy, his bro gypsy cider kid and I all had Mrs S’s famous manwiches…


Besides loving the name manwich, the combination of the pulled pork, beetroot pickle, cucumber and rocket in the ciabatta bread was tasty without being too intense. Huge points for also being easy to bite into despite being a manwich 🙂 I can definitely say it exceeded my expectations and I can see why it continues to be the talk of the town.


Last month, I think I was making up for my lack of baking as I was making cupcakes & desserts almost daily at one point. So I happily did a bit of shopping for my kitchen whilst we were at Mrs S…


Mrs. S on Urbanspoon

Whilst the boys chatted sport and junior burger slept, I headed next door to Smoults and picked up some cold meats…


I had tried Smoults cold meats and small goods at various events, but not being a Maylands local I had never really been inside the store. I was glad I did that day as we enjoyed amazing sandwiches the rest of that week.

Smoult's Deli + Coffee on Urbanspoon

I managed to even squeeze in a quick shop at SoSi, this is the little jump suit I got junior burger on sale for $20…


A day that started off a bit shakey with an unsettled junior burger ended up being quite fun! We’ll be heading back to Maylands soon – I love that we could lunch and shop all within 2 hours.

Side note – since becoming a mum I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping because it’s just easier and I must admit… addictive especially when there’s always coupons / savings available from sites like for my favourite online stores. So much so I sometimes forget how much nice it is to shop at physical retail stores where you can touch and feel before buying hence my excitement at stumbling across SoSi.


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