Top 5 Perth Eats October / November


My October and November Top 5 Perth Eats are all pretty much places I happened to stumble across whilst hanging out with my two burgers (burger boy & junior burger).

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know I’ve been experiencing a major shift in my Perth eats since the birth of junior burger. I used to eat 4 out of 7 days out – yep sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the one day. Nowadays my fridge is always full and dining out is usually limited to during the day for lunch or afternoon tea.

Along this new foodie journey, I’ve discovered many existing Perth eats that have never been on my radar – Itoshii Japanese Restaurant featured at #1 is my most recent discovery 🙂

Top 5 Perth Eats

#1 Itoshii Japanese Restaurant’s Teriyaki Chicken in Morley Galleria 

I was skeptical at first as Itoshii was fairly empty being 2ish on a weekday but we decided to give it a go after a quick look on the votes & reviews on urbanspoon. Boy was I glad we gave Itoshii a go, the teriyaki chicken ($11.50 lunch special) was one of the best I’ve had in Perth. The chicken thigh was tender and topped with plenty of teriyaki sauce. The teriyaki sauce absolutely made this dish, it was sweet without being too sweet if that makes sense.


burger boy went crazy for the sushi train, his favourite was The Mexican Sushi Roll which was filled with chicken katsu, crispy spring onion, garlic chips, red tobiko, cucumber, carrot, crabstick, egg omelette and a honey mustard and sweet chilli sauce.


I’ve been back to Itoshii a couple of times since and took my fussy mum back there last week. Mum loved the salmon sashimi and we are all impressed with the presentation at Itoshii.

Itoshii Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Side note re Urbanspoon – many food critics and businesses despise Urbanspoon as some diner reviews are harsh and may not necessarily be an accurate reflection of the dining experience. I use Urbanspoon as a loose reference point and make decisions on whether to eat at venues new to me by looking at the % of diners who like it relative to the votes and by seeing if there’s any common feedback at a quick glance about the venue in the reviews.  

# 2 Mrs S’s Manwich

I’ve been forever wanting to try Mrs S’s famous manwich but it’s always too packed on a weekend. We finally got there by chance last month and boy it was worth the wait. Besides loving the name manwich, the combination of pulled pork, beetroot pickle, cucumber and rocket in the ciabatta bread was tasty without being too intense. Huge points for also being easy to bite into despite being a manwich 🙂 Mrs S do good coffee and desserts too!


Mrs. S on Urbanspoon

#3 Shilla Korean BBQ’s green tea pannacotta

I had been to Shilla Korean BBQ in East Perth over half a decade ago before my blogging days. My friend who had taken me there had said it was one of the best Korean restaurants but at the time I was still eating my way through Perth’s Korean restaurants so I had no comparison. I can now say after trying quite a few (check out my Perth Korean BBQ restaurant reviews) Shilla Korean BBQ is definitely amongst the best.

Everything we had was quality and I’d make a special trip just for this green tea pannacotta – yes it was that good! As you can see in the photo below, it was just so creamy and everything is better when topped with condensed milk! Plus it was just $5 – I’d happily pay twice the price for this!


Shilla Korean BBQ Restaurant on Urbanspoon

#4 Astor Gelato’s Crunchy Donut ice cream

I was so excited to see Astor Gelato open their doors across from our business last week. I may have possibly scared the owners with my enthusiasm 🙂

They have Crunchy Donut as a flavour! And yes it tastes as good as it sounds. The sorbets are also amazingly thirst quenching, my fav is the watermelon.


You’ll find these guys on Walcott Street near the Beaufort Street intersection under the Astor stairs.

#5 Eat at Turner’s (Eat’s) Pop Up Hot Dogs  

I have a bit of a hot dog craze. I reckon it’s thanks to my first job at Wendy’s which triggered all my uncontrollable food cravings 🙂 I’d make a hot dog for a customer then I would “have” to have one.

This hot dog discovery was thanks to Foodi’s cupcake & dessert tour. One of the stops was at Tea for Tu which just happened to be owned by the Turner behind EAT’s Hot Dog Pop Up’s girlfriend so he had setup there for the day.

burger boy, myself and some other guy on our cupcake tour were immediately drawn to this hot dog stand on entry especially when we saw that there was cheese sauce – the desserts waited as we scoffed our hot dogs down 🙂


You’ll usually find Eat at Turner’s Hot Dog pop up at Tea for Tu’s alfresco next to the Mechanic Institute Friday & Saturday Nights.


My Top 5 Perth Eats are short posts which feature my favourite Perth dishes/drinks. Check out my past Top 5 Perth Eats.

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