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I often say I feel like ice cream and end up having gelato instead. That all changed after heading to Gusto Gelato’s blogger master class last year (gee 2014 went fast!). On that day where I rushed out of door without breakfast, I learnt that there’s a clear difference between ice cream and gelato. I now don’t dare to group ice cream and gelato in the same category especially in the presence of Sean Lee, the Gusto behind Gusto Gelato 🙂

Sean explained that unlike ice cream, there’s no way to control how much air goes into gelato. Ice cream manufacturers can control how much air goes into their ice cream and therefore can use it to control their costs. The more air, the fewer the ingredients and you can clearly taste the difference when comparing the better quality ice creams to those filled with air. Gelato on the other hand has less air churned into it which means a lot more taste and greater tummy space to eat more of it 🙂

The two other factors which sets gelato apart from ice cream is that it has less fat and is served at a lower temperature which gives it the super soft texture.

Sean also told me about his journey from being the Chief Operating Officer of a large Corporation to going to Gelato School and opening his very own gelateria. This is my interview with Sean…

What inspired you to open Gusto Gelato?
A love of good gelato! Gelato is my Kryptonite and struggling to find authentic, artisan style, Italian gelato, I decided that Perth needed a gelateria that made it the way they do in Italy.

What has been the challenges and rewards of owning your own small business ?
Being the master of your own destiny and following a passion that is close to your heart is always rewarding. However, the most unexpected reward has been the happiness in people’s faces when they find a flavour they love. There are also challenges along the way. Being a small business owner is a lot of hard work. The buck stops solely with you, with no “organisation” to hide behind.

Are there plans to open more than one Gusto Gelato in Perth?
At this stage we are focusing on ensuring our Leederville store is creating great gelato for all of our Gustomers. Down the track we’ll explore opening another Gusto gelato but at this stage our heart is in producing all of our fan favourites as well as a host of new flavours. What is they say about walking before running….

What are your tips for making an amazing gelato?
Firstly we believe gelato tastes better when it’s made with Gusto! Secondly, using high quality, fresh ingredients goes a long way to helping you create an amazing gelato. That and a few trade secrets as well 🙂

What’s your favourite gelato flavour?
That’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! I love all gelato. Even when it’s bad it’s good! But if I had to pick my favourite flavour today it would be our marscarpone and cocoa.

Below are some pics from the the Gusto Gelato masterclass I went along to, I’ve been told that these classes will be refined and made available to the public down the track.

I love that there’s plenty of gelato and ice cream parlours opening up in Perth just in time for Summer. Gusto Gelato is certainly a stand out, the gelato is made with love and reflect some of my favourite desserts. I can’t go past the salted caramel on a cooler day and the orange & passionfruit sorbet when it’s scorching hot.

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