Breakfast at Duende with The Breakfast Confidential


Before burger boy and I went to Bali, Liz, food blogger behind The Breakfast Confidential and I were talking about checking out Duende’s breakfast menu. My friend Mahara had taken me out to Duende for my birthday dinner back in March and I’ve wanted to go back there ever since.

It was a beautiful sunny Perth day despite being super cold so it was lovely to have breakfast out and about in Leederville. We had a nice booth inside Duende and started off with coffees…

I had a latte and The Breakfast Confidential had a cappuccino…

Latte at Duende

The latte went down really well, it was really smooth and just the caffeine hit I needed. Side note – I’m not a morning person and the first thing I do when I wake up is press the button on my Nespresso machine & then sit by the heater with my coffee. Today we were down to one capsule so with much reluctance I left it for burger boy.

I also had a fresh watermelon juice which was refreshing & sweet. I think it’s so important to pick the right watermelon for juicing – I can’t stand having a flavourless watermelon juice and it’s usually a hit or miss depending on the season/cafe. The juice & coffee combo is something that mahara got me into on our trip to Melbourne years back. I never used to have two beverages for breakfast.

Fresh watermelon juice at Duende

The fork & knives came in an interesting little utensils bag…

Duende utensils bag

I had the corn fritter with bacon, asparagus and egg – it usually comes with smoked salmon but I’m not a huge smoked salmon fan so I was glad that Duende was able and willing to swap it with bacon for me.

Corn fritters with bacon, poached egg & rocket at Duende

The corn fritter was amazing, you could tell the corn was fresh and it was super sweet just the way I like it. The fritter itself was moist, fluffy and it held together well. The bacon was cooked just as I liked it, cooked through and not too crispy. I always forget to mention how I like my egg cooked but it was just right – not too runny and not overcooked. Asparagus was a good complement – even though I didn’t find it until I cleared my dish.

The Breakfast Confidential had the rye toast, guacamole and tomato salsa… I love the colours on this dish!

Rye toast, guacamole and tomato salsa at Duende

I don’t usually have guacamole or salsa unless it’s with a burrito/taco so I didn’t have a taste but this is what The Breakfast Confidential thought “the guacamole on the rye was creamy and the salsa was seasoned well. It had a nice ratio between red onion and tomato – I prefer a small amount of onion where as you can get salsas which are half tomato, half onion. Not a fan. The poached eggs were fresh and cooked perfectly. It was like popping little white pillows of eggy goodness all over this well balanced meal.” You can read Liz’s full Duende breakie review at The Breakfast Confidential.

I had a wonderful breakfast at Duende – service was friendly, breakfast was served quickly, everything tasted amazing and it didn’t break the bank, it cost us $30 each. Plus you can’t beat great company and a bit of sun on what’s meant to be a Perth Winter morning 🙂

Duende in Leederville

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    • I took bacon out of the freezer after I wrote this review ;) ran out of time to cook it this morning though so it'll be all burger boy's. Hehe it took me until our meals arrived to work out it was an utensil bag (not a morning person/was too consumed in my coffee to open it up or read the bag!).
  1. TFP you are SUCH a bacon addict! Cracks me up. The guacamole on rye looks stunning. Avo is my bacon I think. I have it every day of the week! Cannot wait to (finally) try this place!

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