Gordon Street Garage for my pre-birthday dinner with burger boy


Knowing that Gordon Street Garage is owned by Duende, one of my favourite Perth restaurants… I knew I’d love it. I called up the day prior to book in hopes to secure a table for burger boy and I for my pre-birthday dinner on a Thursday towards the end of last month. I didn’t hear back but thought we’d chance it, in hope that the stormy weather would keep everyone at home.

Gordon St Garage

It was a crazy night for traffic, it took burger boy what was usually a 15 minute off-peak drive, an hour to get into the city. So rather than driving to Gordon Street Garage we thought we’d go for a leisurely stroll from my work in hope that the rain wouldn’t start bucketing down. We were in luck and got to Gordon Street Garage in about 10 minutes and were told apologetically they had been fully booked out for dinners since they opened. burger boy spoke to the staff there and explained that it was for my birthday and we had left a phone message. Chris who was looking after front of house was extremely accommodating and searched the whole garage to find us a table.

We were stoked to have this cute table by the window. This was our view looking out of Gordon Street Garage…

My view from my table

This was our view looking into Gordon Street Garage…

Gordon St Garage - my view from our table

This is the main dining area which you see on entry…

Gordon St Garage

This is the upstairs dining area…

Gordon St Garage

To kick off my pre-birthday celebrations, I had a Napoleon & Co Pear Cider and burger boy had the Temple Bicycle Beer which I nearly ordered just because the name was so cool…

My Napoleon pear cider

burger boy's beer

The Gordon Street Garage menu wasn’t huge but there were plenty on there that we liked. Sometimes less choice is better as it means a quicker decision. burger boy and I decided to share the sirloin steak and pork belly.

My sirloin steak was cooked perfectly well done, just the way I like it. There were no comments as to why I should have my steak cooked a certain way and how bad well done meat tastes – best of all the staff member looking after us didn’t look at me funny when I said I like it medium to well done without any sight of blood. If I’m paying for steak, I want it cooked my way, if I can’t have it my way I like to know so I can order something else.


And wow, my steak was amazing, I am going to go as far as saying one of the best I’ve had in Perth. It was juicy tender and the bernaise sauce was beautiful – creamy but not too rich. It was the perfect balance of flavour. The portion size wasn’t huge but it was served with a handful of tasty hand cut chips and salad.

We loved the chips so much we went another serve…


The pork belly was cooked really well, the pork just felt apart. I loved the fresh apples which complemented the pork beautifully.

Pork belly

Dessert is made fresh everyday and displayed in the fridge, unlike some places you don’t pay a fortune for the dessert here – everything was under $10.

Gordon St Garage dessert

There were cupcakes too…

Gordon St Garage dessert

The raspberry macaron had a crisp shell and a yummy creamy centre. It reminded me of a childhood biscuit I used to have – can’t put my finger on which one though.

Gordon St Garage raspberry macaron

It was $120 for our drinks, mains, a side and dessert. We thought this was reasonable for the attentive service, quality food and funky ambience. Who would have thought a local garage/mechanics can make for such a cool space.

Gordon Street Garage is open everyday 7am till 11pm and late on weekends. Like another newcomer to the Perth restaurant scene, Miss Kitty’s Saloon, Gordon Street Garage has a restaurant liquour license so you can go there for a drink but you just have to be seated.

Gordon St Garage Bar

There’s nothing like Gordon Street Garage in Perth and I loved our dining experience. A big well done to the Gordon Street Garage team, we will be back!

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