Buzzing with Kazaar – Nespresso’s super strong limited edition coffee blend!


I received Nespresso’s strongest blend, Kazaar (intensity level 12 – the usual range has a max intensity of 10) to test out in my new dragon ritual cups this week.

Nespresso Kazaar Limited Edition Coffee Blend

If you’ve read my Year of the Dragon Coffee Machine post, you would have gathered I’m a low to mid strength coffee drinker (my favourite Nespresso pods are the cosi & lungo which are rated 7 in intensity ;)) and I normally have lattes so the Kazaar had me buzzing all day.

Kazaar I’m told is best served in a ristretto (25ml) or in an espresso (40ml cup) – if you like your coffee strong you’ll enjoy Kazaar! I had to add a couple of sugars in mine.

My Nespresso Kazaar

I then had another with milk & sugar which brought out a slight caramel taste and a creamy / milky texture. burger boy had the same and enjoyed kazaar with the milk too.

burger boy's Nespresso Kazaar coffee

Maybe one day just like my wine taste buds have moved from sweet whites to SSB, it’ll change from lattes to espressos… 😉

Kazaar was re-released for sale on Monday, it’s an limited edition which has been brought back because of its popularity so I’m sure it won’t last. You can find Kazaar at Nespresso boutiques from now until they run out 🙂


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  1. Thank you for blogging about these - the husband has raced out and bought several packs of these today as he's been keeping an eye out for them from when they were last released! He's a big Nespresso fan and loves his machine but finds a lot of the capsules too mild in flavour. This will keep him happy for a while =D
  2. I bought 4 sleeves for the boy as it was his birthday last week - I tried one in store (from my own sleeve) and it was incredibly strong, having being made with only a tiny amount of milk. I knew he'd like it but I wasn't fussed. We had one at home - more milk, and full size mug - and what a difference! still strong, but delicious! I went back to the store a couple of days later and bought 12 more sleeves :) that should last us for a while!
  3. Seems like the right way to go for Nespresso. People always complaining that their capsules are too weak, especially since the Aldi pods are massive compared to the Nespresso ones. So looks like intensity 12 will be the norm? Hope so!
  4. Yes, I was delightfully surprised when I saw Kazaar back. I really love its flavor and I hope that it will be a permanent fixture in Nespresso Boutiques.

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