The start of our Crust journey


Wow, what a full on couple of months it has been. I honestly had no idea what to expect…I knew having our own business was going to be hard work but gee did the first week test me! burger boy being a realist was however prepared and knew what was coming 😉 so it wasn’t such a shock to his system, although it did knock 8kgs off him!

We went from waiting month after month for our builder to finish our store’s fit-out…below is what our store looked like before the fit out…

Before the fit out...

We had our hearts set on our store being ready for the 2011 Beaufort Street Festival but when that didn’t happen we hit the streets of Mount Lawley anyway. We gave away over a 1000 pieces of our gourmet pizza made by our team at the Subiaco store and delivered personally by burger boy to the front of our then soon-to-be pizza bar – check out all our empty boxes at the end of the night!

We had high hopes that our pizza bar would be open by Christmas as scheduled so I took three weeks off my day job but was disappointed when our builder wasn’t able to deliver as promised. So instead of working through my Christmas break, I had a lovely much needed holiday whilst burger boy busily managed the fit out.

On the morning of our soft opening (Sunday January 22), we celebrated with a bottle of veuve 🙂 We had waited so long and were super excited about making our first crust pizzas in our very own store.

Our Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar all fitted out 🙂

That night, we fed over 120 guests and were excited to hear our crust pizzas won over the taste buds of our fussy Italian & Chinese family, good friends and passing locals.

Philly Steak Crust Pizza

The philly steak, one of many crust pizzas served...

We even had our first order that night, Grace one of our opening night guests insisted on paying for a wild mushroom pizza to take home.

Docket from our first pizza sold :)

Docket from our first pizza sold 🙂

We’ve been cranking our oven at full steam every day since 🙂

Our oven in action...

We’ve been both delighted and overwhelmed by the support of the local community. We’ve had our fair share of challenges with a new team onboard and being new to the pizza/hospitality industry but we sure learnt fast! Guess there’s no better way to learn than being thrown into the deep end. It has been so exciting having our own business and running it our way with the support of the Crust franchise. When it’s your own you really put in your all and it’s rewarding seeing the results.

Crust has certainly changed my perspective on how I review restaurants on foodie cravings, hospitality is a tough industry and I admire the restaurants that are able to offer amazing service & quality all the time. I am now much more appreciative and understanding as a customer, as I know exactly how much work goes into delivering quality food and service.

Even though Crust has been keeping burger boy and I super busy, it hasn’t stopped us from eating out 😉 I’ve got a huge back log of reviews and photos on my iPhone soon to be posted here.


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I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.


    • Thank you :) :) you are right, we can see it start to pay off already. So proud of my burger boy :) Sure in a year's time, it'll be just routine for us and hopefully I can convince burger boy to go on some sort of holiday with me.
  1. You had an amazing and profitable first day. Positive words about your store will surely spread quickly especially that many were satisfied with your pizzas. This news about your amazing success further inspired me to put up my own business in future as well.

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