Mixing with Perth food bloggers & socialites at the Perth Nespresso Boutique launch


Our nanna absolutely loves Nespresso. My first experience of Nespresso involved testing the pods with nanna at the Nespresso Perth store in Myers, trying to pay with Myer vouchers which Nespresso don’t accept, lugging nanna’s Nespresso coffee machine to the car park from Myers, then teaching nanna how to make coffee with her new machine 😉 and now I always know what to get nanna for any occasion – I just rock up to Myers and tell them my nanna’s name & they tell me exactly which capsules to order.

I have fond memories of our Nespresso shopping experience so I was pretty excited to receive an invitation from Nespresso to celebrate the launch of their first boutique in Perth, located on Murray Street opposite the Aviary and underground Train Station.

Nespresso Boutique Front

And the night was just as I expected, we felt like we were at the Oscars with photos taken and veuve clicquot served on entry & all night.


As we walked into the Nespresso Boutique an amazing Indigenous artwork created by the Jumbana Group is featured to the left which was designed with all Nespresso capsules!

Indigenous art piece from the Jumbana Group

You’ll start to see this pod art across all boutique stores in Australia and the proceeds from the installation goes towards Indi Kindi, a group project by Jumba.

And walls of Nespresso coffee machines & pods…

Nespresso discovery wall

Nespresso pods

I had been tweeting with Perth Munchkin and Simon Says Eat about the launch party and we had told each other what we were wearing…so at the beginning of the night I gave Perth Munchkin a “do I know you stare” and I was relieved that she gave me the same stare back. It wasn’t long before the rest of the Perth food bloggers arrived and we had a whole posse around our cocktail table – it was lovely to catch up with Libertine Eats, The Food Pornographer and meet Perth Munchkin, Simon Says Eat, Perth Food Engineers and Perth Food Journal.

The canapés at the Nespresso Perth launch catered by Comestibles were great…even with balancing my jacket & bag I managed to capture some of the food (it’s so great hanging out with food bloggers as photo taking before eating is just a given).


The duck  was amazing…I had three spoons!


And of course I had to have a nespresso shot … I’m a weak coffee drinker, I have lattes in the morning and they usually keep me going for the rest of the day so I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to sleep that night 😉

Nespresso espresso
We enjoyed delicious canapés and veuve on offer as Renaud Tinel, the GM of Nespresso Oceania launched the evening with a bit about Nespresso and how Perth was part of their plans to open boutiques all around the world.

Renaud Tinel, General Manager for Nespresso Oceania

We were then entertained by a live performance by the West Australian Aboriginal Dance Company…

Besides lots of delicious canapés and quality champagne we also met My Kitchen Rules Italian cousins Stefania Muscara and Daniela Pirone who were lovely. We talked about how our Italian families always picked the hottest day in the year to make tomato sauce in a very hot garage (see my post about our tomato sauce day in Uncle Paul’s garage). Stef is also very excited about our Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar – so we might have a guest appearance at our soft opening later this month 😉 my Italian mother-in-law will be stoked! Other WA socialites at Nespresso Boutique’s Perth opening included Basil Zemplias, Josh Catalano, Alissandra Moone, Rick Hart, Patti Chong and Herb Faust.

More canapes on offer…


Oh then dessert arrived…I had three of these chocolate delights, caramel oozes out when you bite into them…so amazing, I was very tempted to have more!

the caramel just oozed out

I love meringues so I had a few of these too!


burger boy had a cherry cocktail and espresso martini…

Cherry & vodka cocktails

Espresso martinis

I was worried that if I had any more caffeine I wouldn’t sleep tonight – I was already worried about the espresso I had earlier so I gave it a miss. But more veuve? How could I resist…


The new Perth Nespresso Boutique was impressive and worth a visit! This is what it looks during the day and without a launch event 😉

Nespresso Perth Boutique

Nespresso Perth Counter

It was a wonderful night catching up with all the Perth food bloggers, catching up with old friends and meeting new people. And I think it’s time I get myself a nespresso coffee machine – I’m not a morning person so the pod concept is perfect for me!


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  1. I fell in love with Nespresso earlier this year when we stayed at the Richardson - they have one installed in every suite. I swear I must have gone through a dozen pods over that weekend and barely got any sleep! My family just recently bought us a machine for our engagement present and it is brilliant! I love it!
    • That's pretty cool!! What's the Richardson like? We had thought about staying there night after our wedding but ended up at the Rydges because we figured there was no point spending 300 or so dollars for a night's sleep but I have heard it's beautiful there. What a lovely engagement present! Which nespresso machine do you have?
  2. i LOVE espresso martinis!! and i remember nespresso from years back, one of my clients had the machine. it was awesome! would love one, but the refills are just so expensive!

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