Christmas with the family – 12 hours of eating!


I love Christmas for all the joys it brings…quality time with the family, amazing food all day long and I get super excited both watching and opening presents.

This year we started with lunch at burger boy’s Italian family’s place…burger boy’s bro mugsy brought home a couple of cartons of Gypsy Pear Cider (soon to hit the streets of Perth) which went down really well poolside!

Gypsy cider poolside

I had first tried Gypsy cider at Madame Brussels in Melbourne earlier this year and fell in love with the fresh crisp taste so was really excited to hear Mugsy was going to bring it over. It’s like a Napoleone & Co pear cider but fizzier.

Swimming always makes me hungry…but no swim could prepare my tummy for the feast that was to be served!

One thing I learnt over the years being a part of an Italian family is don’t fill up on salads as you’ll be struggling before you even get to the main meal and the Italians don’t believe in being too full to eat. I love love my sister-in-law’s signature potato salad (it reminds me of a Russian potato salad I used to have as a kid) but I just had a mouthful to preserve tummy space…


We were eating this leg of ham, one week later at burger boy’s family beach house… it’s pretty good ham!


My 10 hour slow cooked American pull pork, the pork just pulled apart…

My pull pork

You can find the pull pork recipe here – I just added 1 teaspoon of tabasco sauce. You can also make it in the oven but I find that it is more tender using the slow cooker.

Here’s my pull pork sandwich…

Pull pork sandwich

As you can see mine was all meat. Mugsy added coleslaw after watching Adam Richmond’s Man vs Food Little Rock, Arkansas epsiode that morning.

My Italian mamma-in-law & nanna’s hand rolled ravioli with the tomato sauce we made in Uncle Paul’s garage earlier this year…it was so good, this is the kinda cooking that makes it hard for me to eat Italian food out!

Home-made Ravioli
I had one tiny piece of roast pork and roast beef after the pull pork sandwich and ravioli…good thing I don’t eat turkey as I was at full tummy capacity!

Turkey, beef & pork

The Christmas pudding with home-made Italian custard…bit too rich for my liking but I love the custard…

Christmas pudding

The cannoli using the same Italian custard from the pudding…the sugar on the puff pastry was so tasty…


burger boy needed a cappuccino to wake him up after his afternoon nap…eating the amount we ate put him to sleep!


We finished lunch at 4pm and after a short rest at home, we headed to my Chinese family’s place for an American BBQ!

On the entree platter was frese bianche (twice cooked Italian white bread with oil & herbs made by my Chinese mamma), prawns & crab with cocktail sauce and natural oysters to snack on as my bro and his gf little miss bacon cooked up a storm…


We all enjoyed a corona outside as my bro cooked up the pork & beef ribs on his weber BBQ…

BBQ pork & beef ribs

Little Miss Bacon loves her bacon so no suprises her potato salad had lots of bacon through it…

Potato & bacon salad

Little Miss Bacon’s signature three times cooked fries…was so delicious…

Three times cooked fries

My rocky road inspired by Sue Yeap’s recipe, burger boy & I don’t like nuts so we took that out and added maltesers…

My rocky road with maltesers

I also made peanut butter cookies (Col Panna’s recipe but I baked for 12 minutes on 160 degrees and made them larger)…takes me back to burger boy’s honeymoon when I was eating peanut butter cookies every day in Boston.

Peanut butter cookies

Little Miss Bacon’s Vietnamese mamma made mango & sticky rice…

Mango & sticky rice

I was sent a Nespresso coffee machine to test out over the Christmas break (review be posted on here soon) and had promised my bro I would bring it over Christmas for him to taste. He had two coffees at 11pm! Not sure how much he slept that night 😉

Nespresso coffee

We rolled out of my parent’s place at 11pm completely stuffed and all meated out! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and here’s to an amazing New Year 🙂


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