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Work had some spare seats in their private dining room for Fashion Friday which was held at the Parmelia Hilton at the Globe Restaurant so a bunch of girls from work and I had a wonderful surprise a couple of Friday mornings ago.

We were served a glass of Moet on arrival and presented with a three course meal which consisted of a tasting table for entree, a choice of Tasmania seared salmon, Harvey tenderloin beef or a home-made vegetable sausage as main and unlimited desserts.

Fashion Friday Menu

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The Globe Tasting Table was very nice – it was a wonderful array of seafood and salads which was setup in our private dining room. We just helped ourselves to whatever we wanted…

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For my main, I had the Tasmanian seared salmon which they served well done for me as requested, but I didn’t find it very flavoursome.

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Most of the girls had the Harvey beef tenderloin which I heard was amazing, so I wished I had ordered that instead of the salmon!

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The desserts were setup the same way as the tasting table but in the main restaurant area. It was all very delicious but the dessert did run out pretty quickly  – we had to ask for more to be brought out!

I loved the filling in the macaron and the creme caramel was pretty good too.

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This chocolate dessert was beautiful, just melted in my mouth, it was my favourite dessert!

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Like my Koko Black experience, I wanted to try every dessert on offer but was struggling for space – I should have ate less of my main!

Whilst we were being wine and dined, we had the pleasure of enjoying a parade of beautiful models wearing Jan Logan jewellery and Collette Dinnigan clothing.

The most memorable highlight of Fashion Friday was the goodie bag! Inside was a Jan Logan $150 voucher which I used to purchase a beautiful pearl bracelet:

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Thank you Jan Logan!

There was also a $100 Collette Dinnigan voucher inside the Fashion Friday goodie bag, but you needed to spend $500 to use it so even the girls who were brides had trouble using theirs!

I had a lovely time at Fashion Friday, it was well hosted and an awesome way to end the working week!

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