Limited edition Nespresso blend Naora arrived just in time…

Monday morning I had the second last Nespresso capsule and knew burger boy would have the last when he woke up later that morning, and I knew I had to make it priority to go buy some more but as the work day went on, I completely forgot so burger boy and I went a day or two without Nespresso to wake us up.

I was anticipating a package to arrive this week and burger boy doesn’t tend to open packages but I got him to open them up for me whilst I was at work to see what was inside and boy you should have heard the excitement in his voice when he found Nespresso in one of the packages 😉 Nespresso’s new blend Naora went straight into our machine and burger boy was happily full of caffeine.

Nespresso Naora in the making

The sleeve of 10 Naora capsules Nespresso sent me didn’t last long at all but it did delay a rainy walk to the Nespresso Boutique for a few days 😉

The Naora has a smooth fruity taste which is developed through the unique coffee harvesting process which has been inspired by the wine industry. The coffee cherries are harvested for a specific time in a controlled riping period to give it the blueberry/black current flavour. The name Naora comes from a combination of  “now” and “ahora” which means the hour or moment in spanish which reflects this unique coffee harvesting process.

Naora has an intensity of 5 and I’m told is best served as an Espresso but I’m a latte drinker so I love it with my milk which brings out hints of walnut and hazelnut.


When I went to the Nespresso boutique to stock up, I ended up leaving with 4 sleeves of Naora.  For whatever reason burger boy and I just seem to fall in love with limited editions – the intensity 12 Kazaar was one of favs so we hope Nespresso will it a permanent along with the Naora. The naora espresso cup sets ($60) are cute too, I’m thinking it’d be a perfect present for my nanna.

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  2 comments for “Limited edition Nespresso blend Naora arrived just in time…

  1. May 12, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Naora is delightful – totally agreed
    Chompchomp recently posted..Chapels on Whatley, Maylands

    • May 14, 2012 at 6:48 pm

      I get so addicted to these limited editions, think I’m def going to have to stock up on the Naora again very soon. Opened another sleeve today 😉

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