2014 foodie cravings highlights, hello 2015!

Cooking more with my cookbooks – first up Jamie’s Comfort Food!

My Darling Dumplings at Darlings Supper Club

Bangkok on William - an underestimated Thai gem

2014 foodie cravings highlights, hello 2015!


2014 was one of my favourite years. I had left my full-time corporate role late 2013 so all of 2014 was devoted to our pizza bar and my foodie cravings. Balancing on the bus whilst trying to blog on my phone, business meetings after work and Monday-ituses were a thing of the past These are some of my highlights and…

My Darling Dumplings at Darlings Supper Club


I must admit I had some doubts as to whether I would like Darlings Supper Club when we were invited late last year as I had heard some mixed reviews when they initially opened. I was however pleased that Darlings Supper Club had refined their menu under the direction of their new head chef Joel Robert and…

Cranking the barbecue and slow cooker for Christmas


This year my family has decided to keep Christmas simple so we can spend more time relaxing and catching up. Normally my brother and his fiancé little miss bacon cook up a storm but they always end up spending most of Christmas in the kitchen. So this year we’re thinking a barbecue and some of our…

My mum’s journey to becoming an amazing cook


It has only been in the last six years that we’ve been spoilt by my Chinese mum’s amazing cooking. When my brother and I were little my mum juggled three jobs and then in our teenage/early 20s, she started her career in real estate which meant she had little time or interest to cook. My brother and I spent…

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