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A bit about foodie cravings…

foodie cravings started in 2011 as a way for me to remember what I ate so I could share my favourite finds (with initially my family and friends who were reading my blog) and to avoid repeating average dining experience. foodie cravings has since evolved from just me writing all blog posts to a team of four writers who are helping me eat through Perth.

why the name foodie cravings?
I have foodie cravings all the time 🙂 Sometimes these cravings happen at very odd hours, so I thought it was the perfect name for my food blog.

who is burger boy?
burger boy is my other burger eating half and as the name implies, he eats a lot of burgers! Though since we opened our Crust, pizzas have become a staple in his diet. Read about our small business journey here. 

who is junior burger?
junior burger (my mini me), she is often found walking out of the pantry with her hand in a box of snacks. You can win her heart with cake and break her heart when there’s no birthday cake at a party.

who is baby cravings? 
our now toddler who thinks she’s 4. She has a dairy, egg and peanut allergy which keeps me on my toes but has taught me a lot about cooking with substitutes.

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