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foodie cravings started as a way for me to remember amazing foodie experiences and favourite menu items. I would often go to restaurants, forgetting what I liked or disliked. So on burger boy and I’s honeymoon to the states in 2010 (boy has time flown), I started taking my first foodie photos. These photos turned into our honeymoon photo book which our families call the “Cookbook”. It was at this point and on our drive down to burger boy’s family beach house over the 2011 Christmas break that I decided to make foodie cravings happen.

foodie cravings is my creative outlet where I share my love for food and writing. You’ll find most of my reviews are of Perth restaurants, cafes and bars but occasionally I do write about my travels and other food inspired events and interviews with foodies who are living their dreams.

So here’s a bit about me…

why the name foodie cravings?
You’ve probably gathered by now I have foodie cravings all the time :) Sometimes these cravings happen at very odd hours, so I thought it was the perfect name for my food blog.

who is burger boy?
burger boy is my other half and as the name implies, he eats a lot of burgers! Although he has been eating alot of pizzas now that we’ve got our own Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar in Mount Lawley :) more details on our business journey is featured on my dedicated Crust page and facebook page.

who is junior burger?
burger boy and I are excited to have a new addition to our foodie family. She eats and sleeps as well as I do!

I am a fussy eater…
There are a lot of foods I don’t eat and if you’ve been following my food blog, I’m sure you would have gathered that already! But burger boy unlike me eats most foods and will vouch to try everything once so I’m often writing about what he eats too…

I can always fit dessert…
I have a very soft spot for dessert, love any excuse to dine out and often curse food when I’m exercising to burn off the great (or sometimes not so great) food I’ve eaten.

my foodie posts
I don’t go to restaurants specifically to review their food, I just happen to eat out a lot and as I have a foodie experience, I share it here on my food blog. The way I write is the same as how I would describe a dining experience to a friend over coffee.

I do receive invitations to foodie events / restaurants but I take the same approach to my foodie experiences I pay for and simply share what I experience.

I’ve also recently recruited like-minded foodies to help me eat and write about all the amazing Perth eats so you’ll start to see their posts pop up here and there too.

Due to time, not everything I eat makes it to this blog but you’ll find these foodie pics & tips on twitter @foodiecravings, on my foodie cravings facebook page and instagram @foodiecravings.

who’s the artist behind foodie cravings caricature?
My bro’s awesome mate Joe Filocamo who is an engineer by day and a caricature artist by night – you can check out his portfolio on his blog The Artistic Engineer.

Think that’s enough about me! I would love to hear about your foodie experiences. Leave me a comment, email me at foodie[at]foodiecravings.com.au (just replace the ‘at’ with a real @) or fill in this contact form.

If it’s your first time, start here:

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  2 comments for “about foodie cravings Perth food blog

  1. Jaimee
    August 31, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    I loved your review on the Polish restaurant.

    I’m going to read some more of your reviews after typing this :)

    I’m moving to Perth in two weeks, as my boyfriend lives up here. And I absolutely love food, so I hope to get out and try new things! Your blog may be my inspiration!



    • August 31, 2011 at 9:47 pm

      Thanks Jaimee, it was a fun review to write and I’m excited my blog has inspired you to try new things. Looking forward to hearing about your Perth food experience when you get here :)

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