Twisted Vaudeville Circus Cabaret at Rigby’s


I received an invitation from Twisted Vaudeville Circus to check out their cabaret at Rigby’s a couple of Friday nights ago. I didn’t know what to expect but was excited about going to see and do something different.

I had been to Rigby’s before for a work games night / drinks but have never really thought of it as a place to go to see cabaret 😉 what I loved about Rigby’s was the fun casual atmosphere which was the perfect setting for the interactive theatre put on by Kelly Cook, the director of Twisted Vaudeville Circus. I’m keen to check out Rigby’s murder mystery night next!

To start off the night, Mahara and I ordered a bucket of 5 seeds cloudy apple cider which we thought were pretty good value – 4 bottles for $22.

We then made our way downstairs to where the cabaret is held, enjoyed our ciders and ordered Turkish bread and dips  from the bar.

The Turkish bread was lightly toasted and worked really well with the dips, it was like a garlic bread but lighter. The  roasted capsicum dip was delicious, had a sweet taste to it and Mahara who doesn’t like capsicum enjoyed it. The avocado dip had a very subtle avocado taste – we thought it was French onion.

The show opened with a cheeky magician doing a quick comedy act.

I’m told that each Friday night the cabaret is different so you probably won’t see the exact same acts as we did. The magician was funny and I would have liked to see more of him on stage.

In between acts, the magician visited diners with his magical tricks. He pulled out a rose out of nowhere for some diners and amused mahara and I with a few card tricks. We even had a souvenir to take home.

Acts throughout the evening included a burlesque dancer, comical drag queen who sung, danced and entertained the crowd and an amazing contortionist who did the most twisted and flexible moves.

A real multi-tasker too as this contortionist worked behind the bar too!

It was a fun evening and if you’re in for a surprise, don’t take things too seriously and want to do something different on a Friday night the Twisted Vaudeville Circus Cabaret at Rigby’s is worth a look. You can buy tickets online at for $25. Just make sure you get seats in the front row as it’s hard to see some of the acts when they aren’t on stage.

We made the most of the affordable drinks and snacks at Rigby’s whilst enjoying the cabaret – even had a nice piece of chocolate cake for $7.50 and cocktails for under $8.

Thanks Twisted Vaudeville Circus and Rigby’s for a fun night!


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