Reuniting with an old favourite, Hanami…

Hanami, 685 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, (08) 9371 9855
Open for lunch Monday – Friday and dinner everyday

It was so lovely to catch-up with the girls for Japanese at Hanami. I had been many times before but not recently so I had high expectations based on my wonderful past experiences.

What I loved about Hanami is the ambience, waitresses in kimonos, the option to take your shoes off and sit on cushions – although I must say other diners’ feet weren’t a pretty sight especially whilst enjoying my dinner.

For entrees we ordered the Rapture Rolls and the Scallops Katsu to share…

Rapture Rolls from Hanami

Everyone enjoyed the rapture rolls – it was the highlight for all the girls. I even gave it a try…but I don’t eat raw salmon so below is my version of the rapture roll :)

Entrees from Hanami

I didn’t realise there was caviar inside the rapture roll as I don’t eat that either…but it was cleverly tucked inside the roll and it wasn’t until I had the last part of the roll in my mouth did I realise what I had eaten.

The scallops Katsu were a bit tasteless, it really was just scallop and batter…

Scallops Katsu from Hanami

For mains we each ordered our own sets. I had the teriyaki chicken set…

Teriyaki Chicken Set from Hanami

Teriyaki Chicken from Hanami

The chicken was tender and had a nice crispy skin. The chicken teriyaki was nice but I still like Jun’s better (my favourite Japanese restaurant of late). The rice was a bit dry and the salad dressing was not that flavoursome – my sister-in-law was actually quite impressed with the salad dressing she created herself by mixing soy sauce through the salad 😉

My sister-in-law and my friend chez had the sashimi set which from what I heard was ok.

Sashimi Set from Hanami

My other friend hardly touched her eel teriyaki chicken set…

Teriyaki Eel from Hanami

The eel was a bit slimy / sloppy for her liking and it had edible bones throughout it. I had teriyaki eel in Japan last year and how it was at Hanami was nothing like what I had in Japan…mine had no bones and was just like fish in texture.

Dinner was $40 each which included a bottle of wine and although it was a nice night out Hanami but wasn’t as good as I remembered. But I think it’s more my taste buds getting fussier from eating out more, rather than Hanami changing it’s food quality.

Hanami on Urbanspoon

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