Cantina 663, the gnocchi blew me away and the pannacotta was pure bliss!

My friend, Miss Jimmy, took me out to Cantina 663 for dinner the day after my birthday. I’ve been to Cantina a few times before for coffee and had always loved the funky décor and just being able to relax and watch it all happening on the Mount Lawley strip.

It was 7:30 and we were pretty hungry so we skipped entrees and went straight onto mains…

I was deciding between the barramundi and the gnocchi. The barramundi was my safe option as it’s pretty hard to beat the home-made gnocchi made by my Italian mamma-in-law & nanna. And I normally don’t like to take risks with my food, but tonight I did  with the gnocchi and I was pleasantly delighted!

The pan fried gnocchi with eggplant tapenade, ricotta and crisp buckwheat was absolutely delicious and like no gnocchi I’ve eaten before. It was a great combination and the ricotta kept the dish moist even though the gnocchi was fried (if that makes sense!).

Miss Jimmy had the barramundi with sweet potato, almond sherry sauce and capers. I had a taste (pretty big bite actually) and it was really really good…the flavours were amazing…if I could have fitted more I would have had this main too!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know all about my obsession with pannacotta! The bindoon passionfruit pannacotta was the first thing I spotted on Cantina’s menu when we arrived and it was everything I had hoped for in a pannacotta! The pannacotta was firm, the passionfruit flavour was delicious and the milk chocolate ice-cream complimented the pannacotta wonderfully. It came pretty close to my Red Herring Pannacotta Experience!

The panforte cake with almond milk ice-cream and coffee crumbs was nice and baked the way panforte should, if you like panforte then you’d like this.

I had a wonderful foodie experience and will definitely be coming back to Cantina 663. I did notice that their menu has changed since I went (and it’s only been two weeks) so everything mentioned above by the time you read this might not be available, but I do hope the passionfruit pannacotta makes it as a permanent menu item!

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