Butty’s food truck = a happy burger boy


Just by chance after lunch at Aisuru Sushi, we stumbled across Butty’s American food truck parked in the Perth Cultural Centre. We were heading for Ben & Jerry’s but decided to have burgers first (yep after lunch at Aisuru Sushi). I had heard about Butty’s and have been meaning to try it for ages so it was awesome that it lived up to our high expectations.

I watched the one-man Butty Master in action, serving and cooking at the same time – impressive! There’s even EFTPOS facilities.

Buttys Food Truck

Between the five of us (burger boy, my mum, bro and little miss bacon) we shared Butty’s Original Beef Rib Burger ($10), Double Cheeseburger ($10) and Cheesy Fries ($6).

Buttys Food Truck

The first words out of burger boy’s mouth after biting into Butty’s Original Beef Rib Burger was “I am going to stalk this food truck”. He was a very happy burger boy indeed. The beef short ribs had been slow cooked for 15 hours and super tender as expected. It was served in a beautiful brioche bun which was similar to the buns we’ve had at The Merrywell and Morries Anytime, and there were plenty of BBQ sauce, cheesy goodness and most importantly meat.

Buttys Food Truck

The double cheeseburger was good but the beef rib burger was a stand out. Both being $10, I know what we’ll be ordering again next time!

Buttys Food Truck

The cheesy fries brings me back to my childhood, I haven’t had these since I was a teenager 🙂 The fries were a good compliment to the burgers, only comment is that I would have liked a touch more cheese.

Buttys Food Truck

Burgers cooked in Butty’s food truck is as good as you would get at any burger bar. burger boy will be stalking Butty’s food truck movements on their facebook page and @buttysfoodtruck on Twitter 🙂

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