UberEATS turns One!


UberEATS recently celebrated their first birthday and wow, do they know how to throw a party.

UberEATS SignI’m a massive fan of UberEATS and it has revolutionised the way my family eat out or be that, eat at home. We love it and the variety of restaurant quality food available is awwwesome. You can’t go past the time factor; the average order takes 35 minutes from start to finish so you know your meal will be freshly made.

UberEATS is available throughout Perth and can be accessed through their app. It’s available from 7am to 2am (depending on your location), 7 days a week.

I love ordering from our local Vietnamese restaurant, Pearl Restaurant in Ardross or Ohnamiya Japanese in Myaree. It’s too tricky to dine out if my kids are in tow so UberEATS makes it so easy to have delicious food in the comfort of my own home.

UberEATS ShadowsWith so much to get excited about, UberEATS planned the perfect event, with food of course taking centre stage.

Held in Fridays Studio to cater for the masses, guests were greeted with an absolutely incredible grazing table of cheeses, a variety of bread and dried fruit provided by Mary Street Bakery. It certainly was a feast for the eyes before it was literally demolished by the crowd.

Food was in abundance as wait staff were constantly bringing out platters of mini frittatas, tasters from Hoki Poke, filos from Filos & Yiros and mini sliders from Varsity Burger.

UberEATS Frittatas UberEATS FilosI loved the food from Hoki Poke. Originally a Hawaiian dish, poke means sliced fish, which was served on a bed of rice with a variety of condiments. Loved the Asian flavours, this little bowl was fresh, healthy and tasted oh so good. I’d love to check out their other dishes in their Leederville premises.

UberEATS Hoki PokeSliders from Varsity Burger really hit the spot. Tender pulled pork with tangy slaw served on a soft fluffy bun – it’s the perfect combination.

UberEATS SlidersAnother absolute visual delight was the wall by MOP Donuts. It looked utterly incredible and guests were hanging out for dessert as soon as it came into view. As soon as 8:45pm arrived, I made my way over and got my hands on a Curly Wurly. Filled with caramel, it was a gooey, decadent mess that tasted as amazing as it looked.

If ice cream took your fancy, Chicho Gelato was the perfect choice. The blood orange was cool and light and went down a treat considering most of the contents of my stomach consisted of cheese. Churned daily, Chicho take their gelato making seriously and they are seriously good at what they do.

UberEATS Chicho GelatoIt paid to come thirsty as the drinks were flowing from the open bar. Cocktails were lined up and the kegs were ready by the Nowhereman Brewing Co. ROK Margaret River also provided refreshments.

UberEATS has enjoyed great success since they first launched in Perth. The walls were adorned with Uber facts that were entertaining and astounding.

Happy Birthday UberEATS, you’ve changed my life for the better.


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