Blogging away with FreedomWiFi and coffee at Country Road Café


I love hearing stories about those who take the plunge to start their own business, so when I was approached by Paul Trappitt to help spread the word about his new Perth venture, FreedomWiFi, I was more than happy to write a sponsored post.

Paul’s timing was perfect. On Tuesday, I was woken up the second time in a row by a chirping bird hanging out in the tree outside our window (I think it’s the same bird as last Spring). Seeing as I was already up, I thought I may as well make it useful. I headed to Country Road Café, laptop in hand to do a bit of blogging over coffee before work.

When I got to Country Road Café, I was pleasantly surprised to see they offered $3 coffee before lunch and of course free access to FreedomWiFi’s hotspot…

Country Road Cafe

Country Road Café is trialing Freedom Wifi as a way to reward their customers so as I was ordering my latte, I asked how I could access their hotspot and was given a voucher with all the details. The voucher was valid for an hour, which was perfect as that’s all the time I had to blog before work.

This massive latte mug was just what I needed after a whole lot of chirping 🙂 it was beautifully smooth and the perfect muse for my new Top 5 Perth Eats and News post.

Country Road Cafe

Freedom WiFi was easy to access, I just connected to the network and entered the username / password details as per the voucher provided. I was a bit skeptical at first thinking that the network wouldn’t be as fast as home but was pleased that I was able to jump from WordPress to Urbanspoon to facebook quickly.

Blogging at Country Road Café

Before I left for work, I filled in FreedomWiFi’s survey to win free coffee from Country Road Café. Coffee everyday for a month at Country Road Café doesn’t sound too bad at all! I could have spent all day there, maybe I need to talk to my work about how productive I would be working away from the office? 🙂

FreedomWifi provides a 4G hotspot Plug ‘n’ Play service to Perth cafes who are keen to give their customers access to WiFi without worrying about the technical side of things or needing to maintain their own internet connection. Find out more about Paul and FreedomWiFi here.

I hope to see Freedom WiFi in more Perth cafes soon!


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