Watching kids unbox and play with toys is a thing?


My 3-year old junior burger LOVES watching other kids unbox and play with toys on YouTube. These toy review videos teach her how to play with her own toys as well as ideas on what she wants for Christmas, birthday and as her rewards for being good.

Most of the videos junior burger watches over and over again feature kids playing with toy food – yep she’s definitely my daughter! One of her favourites features a Minnie Mouse wooden mixer which she wanted as her last reward and I had agreed before realising it was only available from America and the shipping costs were ridiculous. So I was happy to be approached by Talkin Toys… an AUSTRALIAN YouTube channel which features kids unboxing and playing with toys available in Australia.

Talkin Toys sent me this Googly Eyes game which is available from Target (in Australia) for $29… 

Googly Eyes is a funny family game involves wearing vision-altering glasses for drawing challenges where players have to guess what their team members are drawing. It’s for kids 7 years or older so a bit too advance for my kiddies but it’s the perfect Christmas present for my nephews who I know will absolutely love it. 

Talkin Toys shows us how to play Googly Eyes here… 

I can’t believe how big watching kids unbox and play toys is. No surprises that the 6 year old behind Ryan ToysReview has over 10 million subscribers and has just been named by Forbes as one of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars of 2017. This article on was an interesting read! Do your kids watch other kids unbox and play with toys? 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post for Talkin Toys, an online program presenting news and reviews on the latest and coolest toys from licensed game and movies. See foodie cravings disclosure policy for further details. 


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