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After a drink in our resort’s bar we decided to venture into Margaret River for dinner at Morries Anytime – little did we know that it was a 50 minute drive each way. I had called earlier and was told that they were fully booked but they would try their very best to accommodate us if we got there at 8:30pm.

When we arrived around 9pm, we were looked after as promised by Adam, the Morries Anytime staff we spoke to on the phone. We were taken to an enclosed outside area where there was bench space available & two bar stools. We were more than happy with these seats as we were just keen to get a bite to eat especially after the long drive. Less than 5 minutes later, Adam came back and said he found us a more comfortable table inside.

Morries Anytime is a very cool and trendy bar, café and restaurant located at the top end of the Margaret River Town Centre. This is a pic I took of the bar area from where we were sitting…

Morries Anytime bar

It was hard for us to decide whether to go mains or share tapas as the menu looked great. But for that reason, we decided to share tapas so we could try more dishes. Adam recommended that we order 6 – 7 tapas and it was just the perfect amount with dessert.

My favourite tapa dish was the venison chorizo served with a slice of lemon ($9.50), which was like jerky in texture with a slight spice & salty flavour. It was really tasty and my first taste of venison.

Venison chorizo

The wagyu burger ($11) was served with mchenry’s bacon and cold smoked tomato relish in a milk bun. The wagyu pattie was juicy and tender and the milk bun was really soft. burger boy thought these were very similar to the wagyu burgers we had at The Merrywell but just smaller.

Wagyu burger

The pork belly ($9.50) was coated in Thai caramel and topped with coriander. The pork belly was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I really liked the Thai caramel flavour which tasted like a mix between balsamic glaze and a sweet fish sauce.

Pork Belly

The Jurien Bay octopus, local chorizo, crisp kipflers, salsa verde, olives tapa dish ($9.50) was all burger boy’s as I’m not huge on Octopus. He loved that the octopus was tender – not everywhere gets it right and it’s the chewy texture, which has put me off octopus in the past.


The butter poached prawn roll ($11) was actually different to what we had imagined but burger boy loved it. The butter-poached prawn was served in a milk bun (same bun as the wagyu burgers) with iceberg & aioli.

Prawn roll

The pea & taleggio arancini balls ($10) were served with aioli. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The rice was firm yet moist – my preferred texture.


Now for the main event – dessert! I had my tummy set on the caramel parfait ($12.50) as soon as I saw the dessert menu.

The caramel parfait was like a snickers bar. The parfait was topped with salted peanuts and this beautifully thick caramel cream. The parfait was served cold, was incredibly creamy and had the perfect amount of caramel sauce. I was seriously in love. This Morries dessert kicked off my craving for salted caramel, as you’ll see in posts coming up about the Gourmet Escape 😉

Caramel parfait

burger boy had the chocolate brulee, which was served with a cherry and hazelnut financier and hazelnut ice cream. burger boy loved the layer of caramalised sugar which he cracked open instantly to find a rich chocolate brûlée. He didn’t eat the cherry and hazelnut finacier though as he isn’t big on cakes but that was all that we left behind at Morries Anytime – we both polished all our plates 😉

Chocolate brûlée

Morries Anytime came highly recommended on twitter & facebook. We found that there was plenty to do & eat in the south west during the day but really didn’t know where to go for dinner so Morries was just perfect. Dinner at Morries Anytime cost us $100 and included a glass of pinot noir and a middy – it was worth every cent. I’d highly recommend Morries Anytime if you’re heading to Margaret River.

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