24 days of coffee – Day #7 Voltage Espresso by guest blogger Frosty


24 days of coffee Voltage Espresso coffee review by guest blogger frosty

Some places just strike you. Like the place itself is sending endorphins straight to your brain. Call it atmosphere, call it ambiance, call it what you want. Some places have it, some places don’t. Voltage Espresso has it.

Voltage Espresso

Now I realise it might be a bit melodramatic to describe a 15m2 espresso bar as possessing such an unseen aura of salutation, but something about it just works.

Voltage sits just inside the entrance to St Martin’s Arcade off St George’s Terrace and seems to cater predominantly to the white collar crowd who wander the east end of the CBD.

Voltage Espresso

The décor hits the perfect balance between modern and retro, avoiding the grungy bohemian look many perth coffee venues are opting for in favour of a sleek and sophisticated finish that still manages to feel vintage. I was particularly taken with the wall art which complemented the overall image the café is trying to convey perfectly. The friendly banter and excellent service I received was also outstanding.

Voltage is a café clearly comfortable in its own skin, a skin which fits it perfectly. It is a café that seems to have shaped its own identity, and it wants Perth to come in and be a part of it.

Voltage Espresso

There was only one thing left to do and that was try the coffee. At $3.70 I was satisfied with the price of my long black, but it pains me to say that is where my satisfaction stopped.

I felt torn, I had just spent 5 minutes in this place thinking ‘this is brilliant, I love it, how awesome is that painting!’, and now there I was, sipping on what really was a pretty bad coffee. I say ‘sipping’ as my cup had been topped up to brimming with scalding hot water that had all but eliminated any chance I had of tasting what was left of the two shots of coffee hiding somewhere in my cup.

So my coffee was bad, but one bad long black does not break a cafe. What my coffee lacked in flavour, Voltage made up for in style, service and ambience. So my advice to readers: get down to Voltage and try it for yourself and let me know how your coffee is, so that I can reassure myself that this exciting espresso bar was just having a bad day.

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