Enjoying a cheese burger at Jus Burgers


The Jus Burgers in Northbridge always intrigues me – it looks super funky and is always buzzing with diners. Plus mahara goes there for lunch all the time and raves about their $10 half and half option which is a mini burger with a choice of chips or salad, some green tomato pickle and coles slaw on the side.

Jus Burgers Northbridge

The half and half option was the perfect portion size – I didn’t feel uncomfortably full afterwards or fall asleep at my desk 🙂

I had the cheese burger which had char grilled hormone-free Western Australian Amelia Park Beef with cheddar cheese, a slice of tomato and a tiny bit of lettuce (perfect amount – I normally pick the lettuce out).

The beef was super juicy and I loved that it was easy to eat. The bun was soft and the filling all stayed together.

Cheese burger from Jus Burgers

Chips were a bit undercooked but I ate it all anyway – the tomato sauce helped with the taste.

Chunky chips

To wash down my scrumptious cheese burger I had the Red Passion which was a combination of watermelon and strawberry  with a splash of apple juice. It was really refreshing especially after walking from St George Tce to Northbridge.

Red Passion

As we were eating our burgers I checked out the green turf on the ceiling and funky decore around us, they even had bag hooks which was handy and reminded me of Melbourne.

We ordered and ate within half an hour for $17 each – service was quick, friendly and my burger & juice was delicious. I’m excited to have found a new work lunch option 🙂

My burger meal

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  1. The food is good and the service is good, but you're gonna end up waiting a while for your food. Typical sit-down restaurant pricing.

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