La Lucciola – reminiscing our last Bali holiday


As burger boy and I start counting down to our upcoming holiday to Bali, I thought I’d post my review of our intimate romantic dinner at La Lucciola last June. This review hasn’t been posted earlier as it required digging through thousands of photos on my iPhone 😉

I still remember the night so clearly, burger boy and I were seated on the beautiful candle lit balcony overlooking the Seminyak beach and listening to the sounds of waves lightly crashing. It was dark so I didn’t manage to take any photos of the venue or the beach but TripAdvisor is filled with pics if you haven’t already visited La Lucciola.

La Lucciola

For entree burger boy had the lamb ragyu pasta which he thought was really tasty.

Lamb Wagyu pasta

I had the bocconcini tomato salad which was just like burger boy’s Italian mamma’s but a little tastier (hope she’s not reading this blog post!).

Bocconcini Tomato Salad

For mains, I had the linguine osso bucco. The osso bucco was so tender, the meat just melted and the flavours were tasty but not too rich.

Osso bucco linguine

burger boy wanted something light after his lamb ragyu entree. So he went for the red emperor which was as burger boy had expected.. but he felt it wasn’t a stand out dish.

Red Emperor

During dinner we had a few cocktails…

Pina Colada

burger boy's cocktail

I was going to go the meringue for dessert but thought I’d check out what the dessert platter for two was before deciding. I was so glad I checked as it was perfect – it had the passionfruit strawberry meringue I was intending to order, the chocolate tart burger boy was eyeing off, a banana lime dessert, a strawberry mascarpone gelato and a coconut pannacotta. The meringue & strawberry mascarpone were our favourites.

Dessert platter

La Lucciola serves beautiful authentic Italian food, tasty but not too rich. Dinner cost us 1,020,000 Indonesian Rupiah which is $102 Australian dollars – a bargain considering the five star quality food, service (we had three waiters looking after us!) and setting. I will be going back to have breakfast at La Lucciola when we visit end of May so I can appreciate the beachfront setting even more.


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  1. La Lucciola is probably one of the most famous restaurants on Bali, beside Sarong, the Livingroom and Mosaic. Great to finally see personal pictures and a reveiw of this restaurant. I haven't been there myself yet, but the food looks delicious. And since dessert is my favorite part of the whole dinner, La Lucciola seems to be the great place to have an exceptional one!
    • Thanks Monico - I can't wait to go back again at the end of this month and enjoy breakfast on the beach. Thanks for the tips - I've been to Sarong but will be adding Livingroom and Mosaic to my to eat list :)

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