Brunch at Vans in Cottesloe for Mahara’s birthday


After hearing about Vans from my work friend Frosty, I checked out Vans menu online and knew I had to make my way to Cottesloe one day very soon. It was timely that Mahara’s birthday was yesterday so the drive to somewhere different was worth it. Living inner city, burger boy and I have gotten use to driving a max of 10 minutes for everything.

We bought burger boy’s pizza delivery car from Cottesloe and we’re always joking that the air is different in Cottesloe. Maybe it’s not really the air but the vibe 🙂

We parked across the road at the train station’s 2 hour free parking bays and wandered over. I love the “take-away” coffee window, if I lived in Cottesloe or nearby, I’d definitely be making use of it.

Vans - order from outside!

Vans don’t take bookings for breakfast, but we got there around 10am and easily found a table.

Mahara and I sat out the back in the courtyard which was decked out with wooden chairs/tables, colourful cushions and vines…

Vans - outdoor seating

As always when having breakfast or brunch with Mahara, we both have a coffee and a fresh juice…

I skipped routine yesterday and didn’t have my usual Nespresso first up in the morning so my latte at Vans was my first coffee for the day. Happy to say my latte was smooth and mild in strength which is the way I like it (side story – the Low Down Espresso boys have been weening me off sugar at work so I hope they don’t see this pic ;))…


I had the fresh watermelon juice and Mahara had apple with mint…

Fresh watermelon juice Fresh apple juice & mint

Both juices were yum and perfect after a sip of coffee 😉 gets rid of that strong coffee after taste.

I was torn between having something savory and the buttermilk pancakes (I usually like to have savory first up in the morning). With a bit of advice from our waitress I went with the stack of three buttermilk pancakes which was served with fresh strawberries, honeycomb butter and maple syrup.

Buttermilk pancakes, strawberries and honeycomb butter

It was delicious, I was so glad I chose the pancakes. The pancakes itself were soft and fluffy, the strawberries were sweet and the honeycomb butter was delicious – I’ve never had honeycomb butter before and thought it really added to the pancakes.

Mahara had bacon, scrambled eggs with chives, avocado and toasted sourdough.

Scrambled eggs with chives, bacon, avocado with toasted sourdough

The sourdough although tasty was hard to cut through, so Mahara ended up having her scrambled eggs and bacon with one of my three pancakes (lucky – otherwise I would have struggled to roll out & drive home) which tasted even better as she does like mixing her sweet & savory (see Wild Fig review). The bacon was served up super crispy just the way Mahara likes it and the scrambled eggs were nice and fluffy but she thought there was too much of the chives, I had a little taste of the bacon & eggs on the sourdough which I enjoyed too.

On the way out we spotted massive macarons (aka Megacron as added to the urban dictionary by @anecdotal_anna), mahara took away the cherry one. It was just $4 which wasn’t bad considering their size and seeing as some places charge up to $3.50 for the regular size!

Vans dessert counter

It was a beautiful day out in Cottesloe, sun was out and I loved the setting at Vans. Here’s us looking from the courtyard into the cafe…


This is the main dining area…


Service was great and we had breakfast for just over $60 which is probably more than what I’d usually spend but we did have two drinks each and it was worth it for a special occasion. I’ll definitely be back.

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  1. Arghh I was driving around Cottesloe trying to decide on a place for breakfast, wish I saw your post earlier! Looks like a nice place to go.

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