Win one of two $25 Crust pizza vouchers!


We’ve reached 200 facebook fans on our Crust Mount Lawley page so as promised, burger boy and I are giving away two $25 vouchers to use at our Crust Mount Lawley when we open.

Crust Mount Lawley is coming soon...

This competition is open to anyone living in the Perth area who is happy to pickup or accept free delicious gourmet pizza deliveries 😉 Visit our crust gourmet pizza page to see if we deliver to your suburb and if we do, you can sign up for our very important pizza person (VIPP) program to receive free delivery.

To enter simply comment with when you usually have pizza and how far you would travel for delicious gourmet pizza. burger boy & I were eating pizzas fortnightly on Friday nights before Crust, we’re now eating pizzas almost daily 😉 and we’ve travelled up to 20 minutes for quality pizza.

If you are on facebook, you can post your comment there also and if you happen to ‘Like’ our Crust Mount Lawley facebook page you’ll get a double entry.

Entries will be drawn randomly by burger boy on Saturday 7th January 2012 so get your entries in before then!

You can check out our Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar menu at or sign up to the Crust Mount Lawley mailing list here.

This half half wagyu prawn and five spice pork belly uppercrust ($24) could be yours…as the Crust Mount Lawley pizza voucher is for $25 🙂

8/1/12 – we are excited to announce Michelle T & Bon Josie Best as the winners of our Crust Pizza competition. Congrats and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Pork Belly & Wagyu Pizza at Crust


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I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.


  1. I usually eat pizza on Friday nights and hey for good pizza.... well there aint no mountain high, aint no valley, aint no river wide enough.... to summarise I'd go a long way for good pizza :)
  2. Yeah it's usually on the weekend we eat pizza! We've travelled 30 mins to get get good pizza before but now that Crust will be opening 500m from my house in Mt Lawley it will be a simple stroll to get super duper delicious pizza! YAY!
  3. We don't have pizza very often, but it's usually on a sunday night if we do. We would definitely travel for good pizza - the furthest so far would be 30-40 minutes!
  4. Living at the outer edges of Perth means that truly great pizza is almost always a long drive away, and I do love a good pizza. Fortunately I also enjoy driving on weekly trips to explore new pizza experiences.
  5. We make homemade pizza every Thursday night, but I'm sure once Crust opens we'll be eating pizza at least twice a week. ;D For amazing gourmet pizza... I don't think there would be anywhere that's too far to travel!
  6. Ricci Riccardo on
    We have a deal, My partner doesn't like cheese so we get two pizzas, One with the lot including anchovies and one without cheese (can you imagine that!! but we always get a great deal, to make up for no cheese his pizza is always loaded with other toppings and evryone makes a beeline for it!! How will you go with a cheeseless pizza, Crust Mt Lawley???
    • Hehe interesting combo you got there! So you get to have your pizza all to yourself then? We made a cheeseless Crust Pizza the other night at Crust Subi and I'm super fussy so no order is too hard! I'm sure our customer service girls will tell you I've given them some very complex test orders ;)
  7. I have pizza every couple of weeks and living in rivervale I have plenty of nearby choices! But I have travelled to Mundairing for awesome dessert pizza so that's a decent trek!
  8. I've made it a habit to eat pizza wherever I visit. Memorable pizzas include a MASSIVE pepperoni pizza at the Summer Palace in Beijing and Calabrese pizza full of pepperoni, onion and tomato in southern Brazil. Back here in Perth, I'm looking forwards to travelling 25 minutes from home in Woodvale to Mt Lawley to try some delicious Crust pizza!
  9. We usually get Pizza when hubby comes from the mines every other Monday night. Pizza is my most fav food so there really is no distance i wouldn't travel, seeing as you guys are just up the road though i'll be more than happy to take advantage of delivery :) Yum yum yum
  10. We're a 'Fast Food Friday' family so we'll get pizza at least every second week if not every single week. Always delivery though as that's the best bit about getting pizza! Having said that when we were living in Melbourne we walked about 5kms round trip to get a Crust pizza one night as we were totally craving one and NOTHING substitutes a Crust Craving :)
    • hehe that's amazing effort Jodee!! I go to extreme lengths to satisfy my cravings too...often happens in the middle of the night when everything is closed ;) I had a cheesecake craving 11pm one week night in Melbourne whilst on holidays - after quite a bit of urbanspooning we found me cheesecake! Wasn't fantastic cheesecake but it did the trick ;)
  11. We do not eat pizza as much as we would like to due to the healthfulness but can't wait for your place to open for some healthy Pizza! Can't wait to eat the Cajun Chicken and Peri Peri! If it is good we would go anywhere...
  12. I try to have ~good~ pizza on a fortnightly/monthly basis. Once Crust is open in Mt Lawley, heck, I won't need to travel far at all! :)
  13. I love pizza but haven't been eating it much recently as there hasn't been any decent places around Perth that have made me crave a pizza run! Long gone are the days of cheap, tasteless take away pizzas. I have been eagerly awaiting my local mount lawley crust to open since sampling it at the beaufort street festival, so I went to the subi store tonight to fill the long awaited void, and was extremely satisfied :) can't wait for your doors to open!
  14. I tried a flavour whilst at the Beaufort Street Festival & cannot wait until Crust opens. The staff told me there will be allergen free pizzas which made me & my tummy very happy! Will be eating at least once a week.
  15. caitriona durham on
    I've travelled from Ireland to Italy for an authentic experience, then to New York for their famously cheesey slices, so popping up to Mount Lawley for what looks to be a pizza that's a cut above the rest will be a pleasure!
    • Our Crust Pizza is healthy yet super tasty - we hope to impress your well travelled pizza taste buds :) We loved New York, Lombardi's in Little Italy has the best woodfired calzones.
  16. I have travelled 11,000 miles for some good Pizza and other foodie treats :-) Seriously, we just moved here from the UK and the food culture here is fantastic. We both love a good pizza and if we can get a good one we would eat it far more often than we did back in the UK.

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