The scariest week of my life as a parent


Looking out of Princess Margaret Hospital’s window, 10 days since junior cravings (our now 3 month old baby) was admitted for meningitis, I count my lucky stars and sigh a big relief that she has recovered.

It’s been a nightmare of a week and to be honest last week I didn’t know if or when we’d be able to leave the hospital.

Most babies that get Meningitis are able to be diagnosed with either viral or bacterial meningitis within 48 hours. junior cravings has been a mystery case, day by day, test after test, scan after scan, we waited for results. In the sample taken from her, no bacteria grew and no virus was cultured but her fevers continued and inflammation in her brain membrane was clearly present.

Watching my baby sleep all day for days and cry in pain has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Thankfully I am happy to say we are going home today!!!

This rough week has given me perspective – life’s challenges mean nothing when your baby is sick and it is the thoughtfulness of those around me that helped me get through this nightmare. In another blog post I will tell you about Lucinda, a volunteer I met who brightened both mine & junior cravings days in hospital.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Dr Murray and his purple medical team and the Ward 8A & 5A nurses at Princess Margaret Hospital for treating our precious baby girl.


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