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This kid friendly Perth restaurants post was last updated: 10/4/19

I was inspired to create this list of kid friendly Perth restaurants for dinner after having a not so fantastic dinner experience with four toddlers. I won’t go into the details but I am however grateful for all the suggestions I got from you my readers about where to go next time so I thought I’d put it all into this blog post for other mum and dads looking to eat out at night. Some of which I haven’t tried but plan to! Leave a comment with your favourite kid friendly Perth restaurant with why and I’ll add it to this post!

What I look for when dining out for kids

For me when dining out with junior burger (aka 4 year old) and baby cravings (aka 11 month old) I just want…

  • A decent meal – dining out with kids doesn’t mean I want to eat just anything…but often that’s what happens and usually inhaled!
  • Kid friendly staff – they don’t need to goo or gush over the girls but a smile or something to make us feel welcomed and assurance that it’s ok if our kids make a bit of noise / mess.
  • High chairs – this just helps with keeping baby cravings still for as long as possible so we can quickly eat our meals.
  • A menu that has food that junior burger will eat – kids menu is a bonus as is a nearby playground or kiddie corner

If you are looking for family-friendly cafes to take your children during the day (because that dinner/bath/bedtime window is just too hard) have a read of these two posts:

List of kid friendly Perth restaurants to goto for dinner

Apache Spur in Willetton (suggested by The Sweet Remedy – a kid-friendly day spot) – “indoor playground, good ribs”, kids menu, playstations for older kids. I recently visited the Currambine Spur – the staff was so friendly, food was OK and the indoor playground was awesome. junior burger loved the huge indoor playground and cleared everything on her plate. Well worth the drive Monday night plus our kids ate free as part of the school holidays promo.

Atrium Buffet at Crown Perth – we used to go here as kids all the time. Good quality buffets are always a winner with kids of any age. Over the school holidays ,they usually do kids eat free promotions too.

Brooklands Tavern in Southern River (suggested by Rebecca) – kids menu with gluten and dairy free options, indoor play area, kids movie nights and Sunday kids entertainment

Cafe Avellino – yay to a kid friendly dining spot that serves decent adult food! The seafood marinara ($19) I had was great value, junior burger was amused by the indoor play area and she had her grilled fish and vegetables main ($20) over two days – we took the leftovers home as she was too busy playing to eat her usual portion. Service is hit or miss as per the other reviews I’ve read, there was one staff who was a bit abrupt but the others were friendly. Food service was quick – a great spot if you want to have a conversation whilst dining with kids and decent food.

Cambridge International Food Court in Wembley – Malaysian Hawker, Wembley Dim Sum and the dumplings place are the best. There’s an indoor playground and highchairs. Plus kiddie rides where you pay $2 for a ride.

Core Cider House (suggested by Perth Kidz & my friend Olivia) – undercover kids corner and free baby cinos on weekdays.

Estia Greek Restaurant in Inglewood (suggested by Esprezzo Cafe – a kid friendly day spot)  – high chairs, kids corner, $12.50 kids menu options, loud so it doesn’t matter if your kids are loud too. I went here for my 30th birthday a couple of years ago and enjoyed the family atmosphere.

Herdsman Tavern (suggested by blogger Perth Kidz) – $9.90 kids menu with plenty of options, Monday & Sunday kids eat free, free membership to their club 4 kids where kids get a special gift with their kids meal. We’ve been here and also love the indoor playground.

Hogs Breath (Kim M on facebook) – “not fancy but family friendly”, $9.95 kids menu.

Hopscotch (suggested by blogger Perth Kidz) – kids menu & outdoor playground

Itoshii Japanese Restaurant in Morley Galleria – high chairs and plastic bowls & cutlery for the kids. junior burger loves her karage chicken and rice. I usually grab a boost juice for her on the way here too.

Itoshii-Japanese-Restaurant kid friendly Perth restaurant for dinner
Canteen – this is junior burger’s favourite dinner spot. There’s plenty of high chairs, the staff are friendly, the food service is quick and there’s a kids menu but junior burger eats one adult grilled fish portion to herself so I just get the grilled fish & chips. There’s a park at Trigg that’s perfect for toddlers/young kids and park & beach for older kids.

Address: 364 W Coast Dr, Trigg
Opening hours: from 6:30am daily
Tel: 9447 0077

Kappys Italian Trattoria in Guildford –  they have booster seats and safe to say most kids love pizza & pasta (mine also loves cutlets) but I didn’t spot a kids menu when we were there. There’s also a park down the road.

Leapfrogs Wanneroo Botanic Gardens (suggested by Reeva and The Chef’s Wife) – Reeva has had good experiences here and there’s a kids menu. The Chef’s Wife “loves their woodfired pizza after a game of mini golf.”

Mandoon/Homestead Brewery (suggested by The Chef’s Wife) – “great for families with a good kids menu, big lawns and a shaded playground”

May Street Larder Mt Hawthorn – the hotcakes here are amazing and you can sneak in a sneaky wine or champagne for breakfast/brunch whilst watching the kids play. There’s an indoor play area with a cool slide, mini kitchen, table for drawing and plenty of space for your toddlers/preschoolers to run around. A bonus is there’s a playground just outside within The Mezz if you have older kids.

Penny Gardens Restaurant in the Swan Valley (suggested by Reeva) – $14.50 kids menu, kids activities during the school holidays and some weekends (i.e. Sunday just passed they had a bouncy castle)

Pepper Lunch in Mount Lawley – plenty of high chairs and plastic cutlery. junior burger loves the pepper beef fried rice with no pepper – under $10 for a serve that feeds me too.

Rose and Crown Hotel in Guildford (suggested by Reeva) – there’s a kids menu and Reeva has had some good experiences here.

Sandrinos in Fremantle (suggested by Tasha on facebook) – has a great kids playroom upstairs and highchairs. I used to go here all the time with burger boy before they moved to Cappuccino Strip next to Timezone and opposite Dome.  I am so excited to see they still have my favourite handmade prawn and scallop ravioli which is served with a semidried tomato and basil in a saffron cream sauce, topped with shaved parmesan!! This is on my list to re-visit very soon.

Side Door BBQ in Mount Lawley – we went here for mother’s day, there were high chairs, friendly staff, colouring pencils & paper. Food wasn’t suitable for toddlers (unless you just want to feed them chips) but ok for the older kids.

Sienas Leederville (suggested by @piie80 on insta) – highchairs and indoor playground. Plus most kids eat pizza and pasta!

Sorrento Beach Shack (suggested by Reeva) – kids corner and $10 kids meals

Squire’s Fortune Scarborough (Lian Y on facebook) – Lian went with 4 year old twin boys and felt welcomed. There’s $10 kids meals and activity packs.

Straits Cafe in Rendezvous Hotel – went here with junior burger and my mum for their Winter buffet. The hot options were great for junior burger and the jar of gingerbread and platters of fruit kept her amused all night. There were high chairs available and both staff & diners were welcoming of kids.

Sushi WAWA in Innaloo opposite IKEA – fenced and gated kids corner with TV – read my sushi wawa here

The Carine – high chairs, outdoor playground, blackboards & chalk, a kiddie golf patch, colouring pencils & paper, huge $9.90 kids menu, quick food service and free membership to their club 4 kids where kids get a special gift with their kids meal. Best to order the adult meals from the specials as the menu items are pricey for what they are. I had a Guinness pie with mash, peas and gravy for $24 which tasted just ok. My friend and I stayed for almost two hours, had a conversation and ate our meals whilst they were hot as our toddlers were entertained so definitely will be back here! Park at the back to access the family restaurant.

The Guildford Hotel – highchairs, view finder kids menu (junior burger loved the chicken pops), kids packs with crayons, activity sheets & jigsaws. My writer Ros blogs about The Guildford Hotel here.

The Parkerville Tavern (suggested byThe Chef’s Wife) – has a kids menu, huge beer garden with a few animals and a playground too.

The Wanneroo Tavern – has a $9.90 kids menu, indoor playground and the staff were super friendly. Food was what I expected of a local pub but the flexibility and service was what stood out for me. junior burger loves her grilled fish, I had to order her two kids meals at The Carine and it still wasn’t enough. I explained how much fish junior burger ate and the staff member looking after us offered to make us their $15 grilled lunch special with a juice even though it was dinner. The fish was the perfect size and I was impressed that they had TV screens outside the indoor playground so parents can eat/drink and watch their kids at the same time.

Woodfire Italian Restaurant – $9.90 kids menu, colouring pencils & paper and highchairs.

Are there any kid friendly Perth restaurants that you go to that’s not listed on here? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Great list, still need to try some of these! We have had some good experiences at Sorrento Beach Shack, The Rose and Crown in Guildford and Penny Garden in the Swan Valley. Leapfrogs in Wanneroo is also lovely for families.
  2. Brooklands Tavern is great, indoor play area, kids movie nights & Sunday kids entertainment plus a kids menu which has gluten free & dairy free options. A winner for us.
    • Omg there’s more kid friendly dinner options than I thought! I will have to check out Brookland Tavern – thanks so much for commenting Rebecca. Adding it to this list now!
  3. Great post Michelle! I hate going somewhere just for the sake of it being kids friendly and find the food is rubbish. We like Mandoon/Homestead Brewery which is great for families with a good kids menu, big lawns and a shaded playground. I also like Leapfrogs, we love their woodfired pizza after a game of mini golf. Feast café in Wembley has fantastic fresh n healthy food with an enclosed playroom – you can see the kids play through the window, but most of the noise is blocked out, so you can chat in a bit of peace. The Parkerville Tavern has a kids menu and huge beer garden with a few animals and a playground too.
    • Thanks Amanda, I absolutely agree – I was so sick of having average coffee when junior burger was little and when I wasn’t sure where to go with a baby. Cheers for the tips on Mandoon/Homestead, Leapfrogs & Feast will update this post over the weekend. Heading to feast for coffee tomorrow, can’t wait to check out the indoor playroom!!
    • Thanks Saani, finding dining spots that are both kid friendly and serve decent food is hard work so very grateful for the help my readers have given me with compiling this list. Let us know if you find any more!

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