HelloFresh meal kit review – so easy that burger boy has been cooking dinner!


I’ve tried plenty of fresh meal kits in my time and I haven’t ever come across one as easy and tasty as HelloFresh. Most meal kit recipes that I’ve cooked either lacked flavour or required more thinking than my same old boring recipes when I just resort to making what I know.

HelloFresh menu plans are so easy to make that even burger boy cooked a couple of meals from our Classic Box sample! From the colour coordinated packaging to the super clear step by step recipes to the measured out fresh ingredients and spot-on prep/cook time. Kudos for these delicious recipes goes to Tom Rutledge, HelloFresh Australia Founder who was also a Masterchef Finalist. And p.s. burger boy never cooks dinner unless you count bringing home pizza from our Crust Pizza Store!!

What I absolutely love is that you don’t need to have anything to be able to make HelloFresh recipes, you literally pull out all the packages with the same coloured labels, the protein and follow the instructions.

I was provided with this first sample box to review but I’ve signed up for a weekly subscription because I have enjoyed the extra time and dinner variety it added to that week for us. For $50 off your first HelloFresh box delivery, order via this link and use the HelloFresh discount code MICREC.

So here’s how the start of our HelloFresh week looked…


I got my HelloFresh delivery on Tuesday so I figured menu planning was sorted for the week and I didn’t bother grocery shopping. To be honest, I would have liked to have been more organised, but mum life with two gets chaotic so I hadn’t even looked at the recipes until I wasn’t sure what to make for lunch after playgroup that day. The honey mustard chicken looked great and I knew junior burger would most likely eat it despite it being a new dish as she loves chicken and sweet potato. I just marinated her chicken without the mustard and the sweet potato without the mustard seasoning.

burger boy and I didn’t bother with cooking that night. We used the leftovers to make a chicken salad for a late dinner once our kiddies were in bed…

Bonus was that I learnt a new roasting tip. I normally roast my vegetables for a minimum of 45 minutes at 180 degrees. From this HelloFresh recipe I learnt that I could do it in 20 minutes at 220 degrees! An awesome tip especially as I’m always racing with the clock around dinner time.


I thought I had won lotto as burger boy gave me the afternoon to myself and cooked us dinner. While he looked after baby cravings and junior burger I went for a massage and shopping for bathers. When I got home it was bath time / bed time for the kiddies which is usually chaotic. This particular night for some reason it all went smoothly, junior burger was in bed early and whilst I was feeding baby cravings, burger boy started cooking.

All I had done before heading upstairs to bath the kids was take out the colour coordinated packages and place them on the kitchen bench with the recipe. After feeding baby cravings, I just tidied up after burger boy before we had a beautiful homemade dinner to enjoy together with a Peroni in peace. I couldn’t believe it was 8:10pm and we still had time to watch Stranger Things together.

This Chorizo Paella was not part of my HelloFresh Box but it looks so good – I’ve added it to my menu plan for next week. For more HelloFresh recipes and inspiration check out their Flavour Generator and remember to use the discount code MICREC to get $50 off your first box if you decide to sign up.

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was provided with a HelloFresh classic box to review. All opinions are my own. This post contains a HelloFresh Affiliate link, if you order your first box via the referral link I will receive $50 towards my next HelloFresh Box. 


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