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Running around Perth to source my favourite Western Australian food products just falls into the too hard basket with a baby and a 3-year-old, so I usually just buy what is convenient rather than really satisfying my cravings.

That is, until I heard about Acacia Gourmet, an online gourmet food delivery business based in Perth that stocks only Western Australia products. These guys don’t charge a delivery fee to get their gourmet goodies to homes in Perth’s metro area and they are super speedy too – orders are delivered within 24 hours!

The speed is a huge plus for me as I’m usually quite last minute and spontaneous with my gift shopping. I’ve been doing all my gift shopping online as it’s just so much easier than going around the shops with two kiddies. 

These are some of my top picks from the hamper of gourmet goodies sent to me by Acacia Gourmet to review…

Acacia Gourmet food delivery GOLDEN WHISK’S salted kissed caramels ($9.99) – oh my gosh these salted caramels were AMAZING, I polished off the whole bag on my own. I’m certain they were not great for my waistline especially just before Christmas but they were so good, I couldn’t help myself.

SUE LEWIS CHOCOLATIER’s caramelised white chocolate with crunchy pearls ($9.99) – it took me a lot of love and resistance to save half the block for burger boy, the crunchy pearls were heavenly.

XO TEA POPSICLE Summer Tea with Hibiscus, Peppermint, Guava & Elderflower ($13.99) – I’ve been having this as iced tea every night after the kids are in bed. Love the refreshing fruity taste.

CAVE MAN BBQ all-purpose rub ($11.99) – been using this classical North Carolinian BBQ style spice rub on steak for something different to my boring cracked salt, pepper and olive oil combination!

BIT ON THE SIDE white chocolate sauce with cognac & vanilla bean ($10.79) – this sauce is meant to be for Christmas pudding but I’ve been loving it with vanilla ice-cream and pancakes.

As much as I enjoy visiting farmer markets to find these goodies, it’s such a luxury that Acacia Gourmet can bring the gourmet goodies to my door especially when I’m in need of a specific sweet fix or last minute gift. I’m told refrigerated products like meats and cheeses are also on the horizon.

I also love that besides sourcing the tastiest gourmet goodies from local WA producers that focus on sustaining our beautiful environment, Acacia Gourmet donates a percentage of their profits to local conservation charities. All the gourmet goodies featured in this post are available from Acacia Gourmet’s website.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Acacia Gourmet, a gourmet food delivery business based in Perth, all opinions are my own. See disclosure policy for further details.


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