Sushi Wawa – family friendly sushi train

burger boy and I were invited to the newish Sushi Wawa (opposite IKEA in Innaloo) to check out their sushi train late last month.


We decided to go to Sushi Wawa after shopping for a chest of draws for junior burger. I was glad it was a casual dining experience as shopping with burger boy in IKEA wasn’t fun. He spent half of our time in IKEA on his phone talking sport with his brother and then the other half trying to get out of IKEA as quick as possible :) No surprises we didn’t end up leaving with a chest of draws but we certainly had an appetite!

On entry we were greeted by Peter, Sushi Wawa’s manager and all that stress we had from shopping for a chest of draws went out the window. Peter was full of energy and kept us entertained as he sent popular dishes our way.

Sushi Wawa named after Western Australia has a 62-metre sushi train which is thought to be the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. Dishes ranged from $3.50 – $7.70 with the most popular dishes available on sushi train, others were made to order on the spot.



Even with an appetite we were both pretty stuffed after trying the Ninja, C.O.B, Volcano, Kanitsume, Chicken Karaage and Wagyu Beef Don amongst others. As Peter had indicated, on the sushi train there were a lot of dishes tailored for the Western palate with more authentic dishes available to order off the menu.

Despite being super full, I had to try the strawberry and green tea mochi ice cream. I loved the strawberry flavour but mochi ice cream is certainly different and not for everyone – burger boy wouldn’t take even the smallest bite.


I love that at Sushi Wawa you can select dishes to take away straight from the sushi train, rather than from the prepackaged sushi that is often available at the counters of other Perth Japanese sushi trains.


Also really happy to see that Sushi Wawa is family friendly as it means we can take junior burger with us when he/she is out & about, maybe it’ll be an incentive to get burger boy to go with me to IKEA again :)


Sushi Wawa’s kitchen is headed up by Hiroaki Fujioka (formerly of Nobu Perth) with the assistance of sous chefs George Yamahara (previously Satsuki), Mitsunori Nishida (ex Jaws) and Hidenori Otani (ex Rockpool). So we weren’t surprised by the quality and creativity of the dishes.

Sushi Wawa is open for dine-in and take-away lunch seven days per week and for dinner from Thursday to Sunday. It’s so great to have a new Japanese restaurant in the suburbs that caters for families.


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Disclaimer: burger boy and I dined at Sushi Wawa as guests. See foodie cravings disclosure policy for further details. 

Random side note for those of you who are shopping for a chest of draws and don’t like assembling furniture yourself, we bought ours from Midland Discount Bedding for $430 assembled…


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  1. July 28, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    You and Carly are TEASING ME!!! I have to check this place out. The Boy and I are total pigs on sushi trains. we end up with the tallest stack of plates…each. Its madness
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